Progress on my slow stitching is AWESOME :)

I am so happy today to be able to link up with Kathy and Slow Sunday Stitching… check out her lovely blog here and leave her some happy thoughts today as she is needing them 🙂

 I have a few “it was dark so I took pics with a light on” pics of my current hand quilting progress on the Byrum Family Quilt (BFQ)… lol!!!

This quilt is for my brother and his family (4 kids too!) so this quilt will see lots of action and needs to be durable… I am using YLI 40/3 thread that is glazed and very strong in a natural color.

So far I have finished the very center panel quilting!  Yippee 🙂  I am so stoked to get this part finished and get to the patchwork areas… do ya think I am crazy as panels are pretty fun too… but I love the feel of patchwork under my fingers as I quilt! LOL 🙂

And I took this pic just to cheer Kathy up… a bucket full of hearts 🙂

And here is a nicer view of the top of the tree… although you can’t see much quilting here… I promise it is there… the outline of the tree and a pretend outline I quilted for the leaves of the tree… I may come back and add more definition to this but it is quilted moderately and the rest of the quilt will be similar.  Less than my normal amount of stitching for sure 🙂

Now on to the innermost border…

where I am stitching just inside the line ( and through my seam allowances) to stabilize this border then I will add various sizes of circles using medicine bottles, bottle caps, and a spool of thread as well!  Yep, I love finding objects to trace onto my quilts then bring to life… this quilt will have lots of fun quilting to come…

I am surely happy to be making great progress on this quilt… what are you up to on this Slow Sunday ??? Do you stitch or relax??  Any plans for Labor Day??

My Laundry List Linky Party is in FULL SWING!!!  

Not sure what I am talking about… win prizes just for linking your goals in a blog post to my blog… entry ends tonite… but not to fear next month I will be back again during the last weekend of the month offering you a place to stay more focused and organized with your crafting and other goals too!  Check out THIS post for more details on entering 🙂

Also linking this post to Karen at Sew Many Ways here 🙂

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