Progress on Projects :)

Yep, I am busy making progress on my progress as time to share nears 🙂

Yep, time to List, Link & Party is just a day away … what do you need to do???

Get a blog post ready to link Friday, Saturday or Sunday listing out what you have been up to lately and where you plan to focus next month.. I feel it helps me be accountable to others to get goals met over a months time.. How about you??

Also it is time to PARTY because I have special extra LINKY LOOT this month!

So be ready to link up…

Progress this month has been fabulous overall .. I am excited to review my list and see where I am really for the month… and now that I have my wonderful hand quilting project going… it will be my main focus for next month..

<<< Everything is coming up hearts… like this cute pic I got of the basket of hearts here on the left 🙂

Or the initials of the family this quilt is going on right down the middle of the quilt 🙂 Here >>>

I still have a bit to go on the center panel here but I am making great progress to finish on time I am thinking 🙂  Just keep on quilting every morning! lol

I did find some antique white fabric this week too… more on that on Friday’s post!  It was a great deal… do you ever look at your local thrift shops for FABRIC in bolt/yardage?  That is where I found this and soooo blessed to find it! lol

Invite your friends to join in on the fun this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Progress on Projects :)

  1. Deb A

    I had never thought of finding fabric there! Thanks for the idea. Good luck on your quilting goals. I need to review and see where I am at. Looking forward to linking up sometime this weekend.



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