Two little words :)

I love hearing from receivers of my artwork after they have had time to make my artwork their own.. it may be quilting … it may be something else I made by hand… it is still nice to hear two little words don’t you think??

I received this beautiful and all hand written on the inside… card from my friend Rebekah…

Well it made my day… and it wasn’t a generic card but her memorable script inside for me to enjoy!

Which makes me ask… I have made quite a few quilted projects for a 3 year history of hand quilting… and this is my first thank you note.  She not only glowed about how much she loved and is using (even though it is summer) the quilt now.. she tells me too that her oldest has adopted the doll quilt I made from the leftovers and she sleeps with it every night!  Love that!!!

Here is my friend Rebekah… with her family

She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have immediate double mastectomy surgery… this was about 9 weeks ago.  As you can surmise she is a young woman with a great family and is just a role model of a person I aspire to be more like… before all this that is… now I really aspire to be as strong as she has been through all she has now been through!

I blogged 14 times about Project RJq… here is the latest post if you missed it 🙂

Yet she took time to send me a note with those 2 special words on the front every artist loves to hear!  “Thank You”!

So I want to take time today to say thank you to EACH AND EVERY one of my regular readers…

is there something different I can chat about here to help you be a better quilter in some area (as long as it isn’t machine quilting or applique or paper piecing!) ha 🙂

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.  Tell me about the last thank you card you received for your artwork… I would love to hear and other readers and receivers of handmade goods may get the hint that creative juice is worth something! lol


2 thoughts on “Two little words :)

  1. Little Penpen

    Thank you means a lot!! I received a thank you card, hand written by my 30 year nephew last week, thanking me for the baby quilt I made for them. It said \”Aunt Penny, thank you for the 'home' made quilt.\” (not hand made) I loved it. 😉


  2. Daytona Damsel

    Darn, and I was going to ask for pointers on applique. LOL Seriously, I am bad about sending thank you cards. I usually thank them by e-mail or verbally. I guess I am more influenced by technology than I thought. Anyway, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences on this blog. Most of all, thanks for being my quilty friend.



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