My Laundry List Linky Party Debut ~ July 2014

What a month this has been for me 😉  I am excited to see what YOU link up too!  And remember there is a fun gift for a LUCKY LINKER too!  This month I am trying something different and will contact the lucky linker at auction end.  The gift will go with their goals!!!  Yippee 🙂  So link it all up guys and gals!  I am reading them 🙂

This Linky Party is all about GOAL SETTING!  You see I have seen my fun improve with goal setting!  I want even more fun so I am having this linky party to allow us to encourage each other!!  So come on… Let us all List, Link and Party!!!!!

Here is my list from last month 🙂

 I had 8 goals for the month… but as I recall I also had included a few things I didn’t think would happen but Connie was coming so I planned a LOT! lol

Let us see now what all those checkmarks are for…

 I finished and mailed Project RJq to it’s happy recipient!  You can read about that finish here

She was ecstatic and posted a pic with in on facebook for all to see 🙂 

And there is more to praise God over… she will not need chemo right now!  Her surgery was enough… PRAISE GOD for miracles for sure!!!

Next up was to finish Oh My Stars….  not only did it get finished but it is hanging in it’s home now too!  You can read about that finish here

No work has happened on my table topper really this month… I have 1 star flower finished that I showed last month…

but no more finished star flowers yet…

I did some reading on Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer… I even added a fun checkmark to that post to denote that I just got in my reading goal a week before it was to be done! lol  See that on this post!

Organizing my stash is what I got did with Connie during her visit!   Yippee 🙂  It now looks fabulous and is very easy to navigate and see all that I do have… as my stash is still pretty small!  But I love everything in my stash… that is a huge bonus I think!

This cabinet my honey built… it stands about 7 feet tall and holds all “our” stuff… mainly mine… but he has some real estate here too! lol

Under my desk was the other place that needed organizing and tidying… so here you can see a pic of that!

Since we weren’t sure of final names for everything I didn’t officially label it all with my label maker… we used little coordinating sticky notes I had on hand… and they are still there!  But we are not ready for permanent labeling quite yet….

My honey is putting doors with storage on the front of it!  So excited for this to get finished… but it is a BIG project.  He has covered cabinet in beadboard as well as the doors he built!  And we are using wooden thread spools for handles!  Can’t wait to show you when it is finished 🙂

One thing I have not done… and it got the big circle up there on the list… is to get my blog more organized and have all these finishes I have done easy to find for me or anyone interested… so that will come more into focus for me this coming month I think.

And finally…. I have revealed some of the Byrum Family Quilt here 🙂

Now to make my upcoming goals!  And just let me say… this part is much easier after you have a list… notice my first items are what didn’t get a check mark from last month…

Linking these goals met and made to Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict… as I am whooping with happiness over my progress this month!  Check her blog out while you are there.. she is full of inspiration!  And has a big giveaway planned or today too!

So here we go… I have a busy month ahead even though I only have 6 items listed… school starts back for my dd.. & she is having a birthday party this weekend… she turns 16!!! and is my youngest 🙂

Now it is YOUR turn!  Link up a post to inspire yourself to move forward in all areas of your life… or just stick to the crafty creative side.  Link it up THIS WEEKEND and take time to read where others are at… maybe you have been there and can offer assistance in a blog reply 🙂

List, Link, & Party!!!!


3 thoughts on “My Laundry List Linky Party Debut ~ July 2014

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    We're going to have shelving installed in the empty closet in the spare bedroom aka my sewing room. I will need to buy storage boxes and was thinking of something similar to what you have in your new storage cabinet. Where did you get yours?



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