Fun Flying Geese :)

Today I want to share something I worked on yesterday and finished this morning!

Check out all the cool prints.. and I just used 6… let’s rewind a bit and I can show you 🙂

Here are 5 stacks of 4 each of finished flying geese.. waiting to be “strung” lol!

I used the easy angle ruler and companion angle ruler I had in my stash.. never had used them before but knew flying geese would be in my future 🙂

I had several methods of making them I researched but finally decided on staying tried and true and minimize unsecured bias by going the easy angle way and use Bonnie Hunter’s vid here.

So with rotary cutter carefully in hand I cut ONE flying goose…

It turned out good I think… so then I just cut out all the pieces!!! Now to put them together keeping the pairs I cut matched during the sewing process!  This is how the process went for me…

Lay them all out as they will go .. pairs are left together from when they were cut together 🙂

Chain piece the left “sky” to the “goose”… mine are cute snails 🙂
After all left skies are in place put them back in order as you free them from the chain… only do about 4 at a time 🙂
Get your right sky ready now… time to add it… First finger press the let sky back though.. VERY IMPORTANT!

When putting the right sky on make sure your overlap is there.  I will show you why to watch this below!

Tahdah!  A flying goose!!! Finger press before ironing and make sure they measure up though 🙂

Now press all those 4 flying geese.  I prefer no steam when piecing.

When I add this flying goose to my other geese… look what I got!

Notice in this pic above my sting of geese is leaning a bit to the right.. I fixed that issue.  Check the pic at the top again… those are all perfect geese!  Showing this so you will be careful when sewing your sting of geese together too!

Another pitfall I found with this block is that careful cutting and figuring is required as well as very careful sewing… I resewed quite a bit to get the results I did.  Piecing just doesn’t come naturally for me yet..but I am working on it.

A huge shout out to my friend Wendy!  She helped me perfect my goose making skills 🙂

Here was my problem area.. The top center did not overlap well on all of my initial flying geese… I had to go back and resew many… so don’t cut those pesky dog ears off until your goose is cooked! lol  Other words… make sure it is right first.. you can’t take back cut fabric.

 Here is with the right sky resewn… Much better and…

 It measures up!  Now iron and remove your dog ears..

Joining the flying geese was really easy… so I did not take pics of that.. but you may not have a 1/4″ seam to get the points to show… some of my seams are 1/8″ on the geese to get a nice point otherwise.

Now it is your turn.. what method do you use for making flying geese.  Do you like this unit or is it one you would pass on ?  I have several quilting friends that love them and several that avoid them… lol!

I also enjoyed spending the day with my honey for his BIRTHDAY!  We celebrated properly when Connie was here… and he got a new woodworking tool he wanted.. but his fave gift was all the well wishes he got and this cute truck we found on eBay and we got for him…

He repairs featherweights basically exclusively now.. and loves it.. so this went immediately to a treasured home I will share another day.. as this post is long enough! lol

Hope to hear back from you on what you think of flying geese!  Love em or hate em I think mine turned out cute as can be!


3 thoughts on “Fun Flying Geese :)

  1. Jill

    I love flying geese, but have not yet attempted them. They are on my bucket list. Robert Kaufman has a free flying geese pattern with an interesting yet attractive layout. Thanks for the tips.


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I just love flying geese but have never made them. One of the projects I have kitted up includes flying geese … because I've never made them, I don't know if the pattern instructions are for the \”best\” way to make them … and honestly I don't know enough about flying geese to know how to make them another way and make them the proper size. I'll follow the pattern and see how they turn out. Thankfully I have extra fabric because with my piecing skills (or lack thereof), I might have to remake a few. 😉



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