Birthday Loot Rocks!

Turning 48 this year was a bit sad for me… and that was unexpected!  I got lots of love and lots of attention…

Birthday Loot!

But it was a day I just wanted to be quiet and let it pass… but friends and family had other ideas! lol

And besides the birthday loot above I got tons of facebook wishes and personal calls and emails.. the puzzle I showed yesterday was what I finally settled on doing and my bestie Connie finished it up late in the night…

I awoke to the puzzle finished and my bestie up and ready to visit! 

That was awesome 🙂  It was also then that I took time to appreciate every tangible gift I got as well… let me show you a few!

My honey gave me my fave tangible thing that I asked for

A iron from the 1940’s that WORKS!  I can use this for piecing as I quit using any steam and it dramatically helped my piecing… and notice the cord minder???…. that is from my friend Wendy… she made me 2… both are in use 🙂

My fave tangible thing that was a surprise for me

This beautiful dishcloth made just for me by my friend Brandy… isn’t it beautiful!  When my honey builds the frame for the puzzle we made… he will make a shadow box for this “dishcloth” I refuse to use but want to adore!  So I decided as soon as I saw it … it wouldn’t get stained and it would be enjoyed for it’s handmade beauty by making it a home.  My honey agreed and will make a special home for this cloth!  Yay for me 🙂

My fave thing that I needed and anticipated happening for my birthday was…

Taking this mess and …

And organizing it!  More on this project coming up in a post on Friday 🙂  Do you follow me?

Another ANTICIPATED thing that happened to make it in time for my birthday was a set of coasters !!!  We use them every day all the time for our drinks on the glass top table I sit at.  Wonderful and a luxury item I didn’t realize I needed til I got them… thanks Wendy!

Another SURPRISE was the portable design wall my bestie made each of us from my idea!  More on that coming up Sunday!  Yippee for slow Sunday stitching!

I got an updated pic of me and my bestie for our yearly photo op 🙂

Very nice to have a beachy background as our natural backdrop! lol

So in the end.. I love all the stuff I got… but most of all I loved the love & adoration I received intangibly!  And today… a few days after my birthday… I am happy to be 48 years old now.  No regrets and no turning back!

How do you handle birthdays as you get older?  Do you enjoy them or hope they pass quietly???

Have a blessed week and I look forward to sharing more with you from my birthday vaca week as my personal time allows me to blog about it! ha 😀


7 thoughts on “Birthday Loot Rocks!

  1. Little Penpen

    Looks like you had a wonderful day, Kathi!! That little iron is the coolest! About turning 48… just embrace it, girl! I struggled with turning 50, and will be 51 in a few days. I don't know what 'clicked' for me during the year, but for some reason, I am now proud to be 50!! Lots of soul searching and plans for the next 'half' of my life. 😉 😉


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    What wonderful gifts you received! You were so blessed!I've celebrated 63 birthdays, and to be honest, the only one that \”bothered\” me was 60 … it was official: I was old. But even then, I realized that I'm only as old as I feel … and I refuse to feel old! I vowed, when my grands were born, that I wouldn't be the kind of grandma who sat around and expected the grands to come to me … I want to be the kind of grandma who engages, interacts and even plays with her grands. I can't get old if I'm going to play with the grands, right? 😉


  3. Daytona Damsel

    48! I'll take 48! LOL The only birthday that depressed me was 30. Can you believe that. I felt so old LOL. Oh to be 30 and know what I know now, as the saying goes. I found a little iron just like yours at an estate sale a few months back. I haven't used it yet. It is waiting for my new sewing room. 🙂 Remember you are only as old as you feel. Most days I feel 30 others I feel 90.LOL


  4. Donna M

    Happy belated birthday! You are still a baby to me. My 69th is coming next month. The only birthday that bothered me was when my son turned 40. Next year he will be 50 and I will be 70. That one might be a little difficult. But, the important thing is that we are all still here. Enjoy every day!


  5. Deb A

    Happy belated birthday! It is only a number so they don't tend to bother me. My last was 41 and I got woken to 'you are old now!'. Got to love a hubby who will always be 6 years older so I can feel young =).


  6. Unknown

    Hey, all of this stuff is looking super nice. I am so pleased to have all of these details. my 30th birthday is also coming and I would be hosting a fabulous vintage inspired bash at one of the local event locations. I need to buy some vintage décor stuff. Just browsing the internet to come across the fabulous ideas and deals.



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