Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster Linky Party!! ~ June 2014 ~

Welcome everyone to this months LINKY PARTY! 

Yep, it is time to List, Tick, and Party!!!!  Link up for a chance to win 2 fat quarters and a tad of coordinating Aurifil 50 wt thread I had left over 😉

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Last month I must have gone easy on myself.. my list was very short! lol

And yet I accomplished so much… take a quick look!

Finished my honey’s quilt… “The Man” quilt is it’s final name he says! Blogged about it here
Made 2 quilts for a friend .. not even on my list from last month!  And blogged about it here
Finished quilting the white stripes on Oh My Stars!
Used this book…
to make this template for OMS 🙂

 I also did some reading and scanning of books this month in my self-education mode.. using my stash of books to improve my craft!

Used this book… to read as my goal…
and found this design I used on Project RJq! 🙂

This book will take a while to read and absorb all she has to offer… this was my book for June.. I will use a different one in July to rotate my reading based on my focus of the month!  Yippee 🙂  Blogged about it here

So what could be left for June/July’s list???!!!  Take a look!

 And here is where I have started… with the table topper I will hand piece and hand quilt for a centerpiece to my kitchen table.. this is something that I have wanted to do for a WHILE! lol  So happy this linky is helping me get to things I have wanted to!!!

And the organization focus has started and my sewing studio outdoors has gotten a new shelf to add much needed organization out here too!  Thanks honey!!!  Blogged about it here

Don’t be disheartened please by the length of my list… I just realized that I can do more this month as my quilting mentor is coming for a 1 week visit when I will be supercharged to get a lot done! lol  So I am taking full advantage of that.

Didn’t it rock that I was able to complete May’s list AND make 2 quilts for a friend??  I really liked how God blessed that!

Okay… now is the time to link!  And while you are dreaming of your goals.. check out what others are linking and leave a little bloggy encouragement along the way!  We all love feedback 🙂


4 thoughts on “Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster Linky Party!! ~ June 2014 ~

  1. Deb A

    Great job. I'm getting my post ready but really HOPE to get a day to machine quilt tomorrow…. so I'll post tomorrow night and hook up. I have a long list for July …. if I get some of it done I'll be happy.


  2. Little Penpen

    I did it! and it wasn't hard at all. Thanks for the goal party! Now I 've got to get busy!! I love your man quilt and the one you made for your friend is just precious!! Beautiful!!



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