Project RJq revealed! WHOOP!

One morning the end of May 2014 I saw a facebook post from a work friend from my past.  She found out she had breast cancer and was having surgery to remove it!  God spoke to me then and told me to offer to make her a quilt… I did.. she agreed.. I chatted briefly with her husband who told me she liked pink and brown and chevrons… off I went to create.. and God butted in frequently!  But what started as this…

Ended as this & this…

from THIS pattern

You see my friend Rebekah is in her mid 30’s and has 3 small children (6, 3 & 1) and a wonderfully supportive husband and family.. but no quilt!!!  God knew her need and had prepared me for the task… partially! lol

I have only machine quilted one 1 quilt.. and it was haphazardly done at best.  It was a tshirt quilt I couldn’t needle to hand quilt.. so I machined it and it is loved very much and used every day… but it is far from what I wanted Rebekah’s quilt to be like.. so I called out to my machine friends and watched a few videos… and as I had been putting Rebekah’s quilt together I had produced lots of hst’s.. so I joined them and wound up with a totally whimsical and fun play quilt for her kids…

It measures 20 long x 23 wide.. if the bras are right side up! lol

Look at the cool texture I caught in this shot… both quilts rock texture because I used cotton batting!

Backings are the same.. except Rebekah’s is pieced and has a proper label too!
Rebekah’s backing with her label in the middle…

Close up of her label

For Rebekah’s quilt I used a new product to me called Printed Treasures fabric for the inkjet printer I have..

they have treated this thin cotton to absorb and make permanent that water based ink.  Kind of like photo paper does once dry.  I found it at JoAnn’s in the quilting notions wall and used my coupon .. but I have seen it online at Amazon and other retailers too.

My review is mixed.. as it did smudge.. but it is ledgible still and after 3 washings by me it is permanently staying there in the current condition it is in.  I would use it again but I would not buy it new again.. I may just use muslin and a marker on a good day for my handwriting! lol  Plus I have the labels I made.. I just wanted this quilt leaving me to have a proper label.

And when I packed it up I rolled it up so that the front of the quilt is the last thing she can get to! lol

So here is a pic from outside… but it is actually hanging sideways in this pic & looked off kilter to me…

 Where we got this lovelier pic but still a strange camera angle.. since I have been so secretive about the overall look I wanted to have lots of pics for you today!  Hope I accomplished that! lol

Thanks for taking time to say a prayer for my friend Rebekah

As she continues to battle not only the disease but the emotional stuff that comes with something this tremendous diagnosis at her young age.

And she even posed the quilt for a fb pic to share it with all her friends!  She said she really needed it when it came.. so glad I made it!

Living up to my motto for the year… how about you?

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6 thoughts on “Project RJq revealed! WHOOP!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    So glad you listened to God speaking to you. That quilt turned out fabulously! I love your label … I'd love to make quilt labels that go through my inkjet printer … but I sometimes have trouble getting regular printer paper to print without jamming. I ordered labels from … but I will have to write in the details. I'm not a fan of my handwriting, so we'll see how that turns out. 😉



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