So nice to be back to slooow stitching!!!

This past week I have enjoyed a foray into machine quilting in order to get a quilt done for a friend very fast.  God blessed this project and that time and I am now BINDING!  Yippee!

And I LOVE the Wonder Clips… just put them in place and sew past them!  GREAT! 

Since this quilt and quilting has happened at warp speed for me let’s back up a bit to Friday… here was my set up for doing a big quilt on a regular sized sewing machine… my Fiona!

You can’t tell but Fiona sits on a long utility folding table that I leave up all the time… the quilt sat on the other part of the table what wasn’t being quilted.

It took a while to get the outer border as I wanted it because I did diagonal lines in different directions to accent my piecing.  I had to mark all those lines and ease in the measurements to make it work one border side at a time..

This meant I basically repinned my outer border because I wasn’t sure how I would quilt it when I pinned it initially.  But again, God blessed it and it turned out fabulous I think…

And I got that done right before bed Friday night… so Saturday I awoke early to get back to it and get back on schedule… I had hoped to have the binding on Friday night you see… but instead I was collecting the excess strings from the machine quilting process from both sides of the quilt!

Having cute tools for a silly job like de-threading a quilt makes it more fun for sure!

It was finally time to bind…

But now Fiona got a little cranky and acted up… so I coaxed and my honey coaxed and she finally got back up and finished this quilt with me… it was wonderful to close the last seam of the binding on both quilts!!!

Yep, if you don’t follow me I made a little quilt with the “leftover” pieces and parts from making the big quilt!  I will reveal both finishes and lots of full pics of the quilts on Friday when my LINKY PARTY starts!

Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster is June 27 to the 29th this month!!

What do you do to play??  Write a blog post of goals in your life of quilting or otherwise and track your progress… it is 1 post a month that can help motivate you to stay focused on the goals you have…

One of my goals was to read some in a book this month for learning… I did that and it was fun… without having the linky I probably would have missed out on what ended up being the outer border on Rebekah’s Journey quilt!

So come on and link up… ALSO there will be a fun prize for a lucky linker!  Last month it was a charm pack and some wonder clips.  This month it is even more fun!

Follow me so you don’t miss out on anything fun and quilty!  And here is a Cheer for being back to slow stitching for a while! lol

Linking this happy post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching here!  Come check her linky party out .. lots of great hand stitching going on there for sure!

Have a blessed Sunday!


7 thoughts on “So nice to be back to slooow stitching!!!

  1. Daytona Damsel

    I hate machine quilting for the very reason you stated, machines get cranky. LOL Please post a finished picture of the complete quilt when binding is done.I am excited to see the finished product.


  2. Quilter Kathy

    I love those little clips too… I use them for so many different things and I find them all over my house now! Great job on finishing up this quilt!Thanks for linking up!



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