Quilting on a machine & Get Ready to Link up next weekend!!!

Don’t worry.. I am not about to forsake hand quilting… but God is really making this quilt a fun experience for me! lol

I started quilting this on Wednesday and got 1/2 the pink chevrons quilted the first day…

And decided to criss cross the quilting lines on the vertical stripes in the center of the quilt… Turned out cute so far!

I finished the center and added stitching to the inner border on Thursday…

Now to work on the diagonal lines for the outer border today and get the binding sewn into place on BOTH quilt tops 🙂

You see I made a small quilt that measures 20″ x 23″ for her kids to play with… maybe like a doll quilt… or a comfort quilt of sorts??  Anyway it will all go mailed… and hopefully on Monday!  Yippee!

In other news… my dd is leaving today for a month long vacation back to her friends and family in TN.  Please pray for safe travels for her… she is staying at several hosted homes and will have a fun adventure… I just hope she doesn’t come home too different!

Here is my dd with her oldest bro about a year ago now..

And here is my dd today getting ready to leave for Tennessee

 She hopes to get contact lenses this year before school starts… so here is both looks she wanted to capture for me to look at while she is gone.

In case you don’t follow me my dd was diagnosed with a brain tumor that retarded her growth and weight… now she looks and acts more teenagerish thanks to medicine to shrink the tumor and growth hormones tightly regulated over the past year as well 🙂

I sure will miss her effervescent personality for a month!

But the LINKY PARTY here next weekend should keep me busy… haven’t had time to show what is this months prize to the lucky linker but linking is easy…

  1. Write a blog post full of goals you have met and goal you want to meet in the upcoming month(s)
  2. In your post make a list or take some pics of your projects… those behind and those ahead
  3. Link and Party with us for your accomplishments of this month and accomplishment to come
  4. One lucky linker will win a prize just for taking time to list where they have been in goal setting and where they are going!  

This is not meant in any way to compete with other linkys… this is a place to help you goal set and goal meet only!

So here is my Whoop for this week!  Please share your whoops at Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict HERE!


6 thoughts on “Quilting on a machine & Get Ready to Link up next weekend!!!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your daughter looks great – I hadn't realized she had a brain tumor how scary that must have been – the quilt is looking good – be sure to stop and stretch now and then or you will have aching shoulders and neck


  2. Deb A

    Great job on the quilts! Your daughter is going to have a wonderful time and lots of fun memories to share when she gets home.A little change in my plans this month but I hope to find some time this week to get that log cabin quilted……. some health issues with family altered my 'kid free' days. At least everyone is ok and on the mend.


  3. Jill

    It is amazing how fast machine quilting goes. May your sweet DD have a safe and fun trip. Mom will probably do lots of quilting the next month.


  4. Donna M

    Wow! I did not know about your daughter's tumor. She looks fantastic! Hope she enjoys being here in TN. BTW, Your machine quilting is looking good.



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