Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is so hard to celebrate for me anymore… since my husband passed away 6 years ago it has been hard to move forward on this day.. and I think I may have found what works for me!  Remembering fun time with my Papa.. my maternal grandfather!

You see when I was little we lived across a field from my grandparents… I would go to “Gaga and Papa”s house almost every day.  As I got older I visited often… and during my tumultuous teens my grandfather was always there to listen… give advice… but not force his advice… I learned so much through his walk in life.

My grandfather died when I was pregnant with my first child in January 1985.. my first son was named after him when he was born the next month… he says he passed Papa as he was going to heaven and he was coming down to be born! lol

So that is my Father’s Day celebration… what are your strongest paternal thoughts about today?

I did start my day with some slow stitching.. on Oh My Stars… this is such a fun wall hanging to work on I enjoy every break I can get to put a few stitches in 🙂

I also took a little time to read and in doing so met a goal I set last month AND found the way I will quilt the border of Oh My Stars 🙂

I got this book from Amazon a while back and just never took time to read this gem of a book… but this is how I plan to quilt that busy outer border in navy thread 🙂

I am also making progress on Project RJq today… I will save that for it’s own post..

Looking forward to List, Tick and Party time at my linky the last weekend of June… make some goals for July and link up for a chance to win a cool prize this month!

Linking this luscious hand quilting post up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching here 🙂

Have a blessed Sunday! 


9 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    my father passed away back in 93 and my grandparents quite some time before that. I am not close to my father-in-law in miles and time & have rarely visited with him (DH&he are not close) – I do have good memories of one grandpa but not the other as he died when I was 5. – my dad was busy working 2 jobs most of the time and didn't have much time to spend raising the 12 children he had (mom of course did most of the parenting) so not a lot of individual time with dad. There were a few things to remember of course – but mostly he was rather grumpy and tired – I could very much understand that of course when I was an adult. He died at 64 of high blood pressure related problems – he had 2 years of retirement before that and was the happiest I remembered him being


  2. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

    So sorry that this day is hard for you but grandparent memories are helpful 🙂 You and I were very lucky in that both of us had grandparents close by. Mine built a house next to us and I too was there almost every day : ) Your sewing is lovely…coming along beautifully 🙂


  3. Quilter Kathy

    You are making such great progress on your stars! I find that making a decision on the next quilting section really inspires me to finish the section I'm on!Enjoy your stitching today… thanks for linking up!


  4. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Sorry that this is a difficult day for you. {{hug}}Glad you have chosen a quilting pattern for the border … I used that pattern for the border on a quilt I made several years ago, and I really like it … you've reminded me that I need to use it again.



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