New Blog Header :)

If you read my blog in your reader take a look at my blog online today.. I put a new header up.. kinda busy but I am kinda busy this month… lol!

Still waiting for the mail lady Eleanor to arrive with the fabric to start on Project RJq… so I have been quilting on “Oh My Stars” 🙂

And I got all the in the ditch quilting done on the flag and inner white border… now on to the stripes!

I have also figured a design for that white inner border with my friend Wendy’s help… you see I got this book by the same author as a book she has for super cheap a while back on Amazon…

 Wendy suggested 744c design…

I braved my fears and figured out how to enlarge and enlarge a little more to get the perfect sized shape for this design on my white inner border!  It took longer to get the sizing right than it did to find a piece of cardboard to cut this template after printing off the shape in size on plain printer paper!

That is set aside for now as I work first on the stripes and other flag designs… like a template for the star placement in the blue area 🙂

I am very excited to have this fun and easy project on the side while I will be working away on Project RJq. 

I would like to incorporate this somehow in the quilt… maybe print a label?  I don’t know.. would like your feedback.. she is all into the breast cancer awareness ribbon and loves this fuscia pink the best of all pinks…

Ideas anyone or have I not shared enough of this project yet? lol

Have a blessed week.  Would love to hear what you are up to this week.

Take pics of your accomplishments to share in our end of the month linky party.. coming up June 27 to the 29th this month.. Prizes will be offered only for those that link and link back in their post to our party!  It is easy if you List, Tick, & Party!


4 thoughts on “New Blog Header :)

  1. Deb A

    I'd have that on the label in the back…unless you can incorporate it into the top of the quilt. You are just moving right along on your task list this month. I hope to cross one off as finished by the end of the week (appliqué) and get a free day Saturday to quilt my feathers for the log cabin. So excited to get that one done this month! Thanks for the motivation to get things moving along.



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