The Man Quilt.. Almost complete!

I am so excited to update my blog with today’s post!  Thanks for stopping in 🙂

I am on the final bit of border quilting then will be off to sew on the label…then Wash, wash, and dry!  Yippee…

Here is a look at my quilting along the way… can you see my 3 needles spaced out on the left side of the pic… If you click it you should see I have 3 needles going to get this border done and in the ditch done to stabilize and make it show just right once washed!  🙂

The flimsy for this quilt was completed in November 2013… the fabric had been a birthday present (back in July… sorry honey!) and I just got the nerve to try to piece it on my own after drafting my own pattern for this quilt! lol

So needless to say this is my favorite of all my quilted items to date.. I have done my finest needlework on this busy fabric but my honey and I will know it is there and will enjoy it… the back is varigated blues (like the binding in the pic on the right) and will take a whole cloth effect on the back once finished 🙂

My honey helped decide all parts of this quilt after I presented him with lots of fabric for his birthday… this has truly been a journey for us… thanks for following along!

With Father’s Day right around the corner too… I wanted to share what my honey found for a STEAL on eBay.. so we got it to commemorate this Father’s Day for him from Daisy Mae 🙂 lol  (Daisy is our mini doxie if you don’t recall)….

He has always wanted a toy train I found out.. since he was little.. so this year he got to see a lifelong wish be granted with this train set… bidding didn’t go very high because the seller didn’t test it due to it’s age… it is from 1965!!! 

Yep, I have vintage sewing machines and my honey has vintage trains!!! lol

 Do you like vintage?  Pretty cute train set… the engine isn’t loud at all and it goes forward, reverse, link and unlink cars by using only the transformer at the very bottom of the pic.  He is having a blast.. it has been rehomed to the “man cave” now… and fits PERFECT on a table my honey build about 2 1/2 years ago when we lived in TN! lol  God is so good at showing himself sometimes I think!

I also want to thank God for giving my fingers the ability to finish this quilt so quickly… this has also been a family adventure of late as I am reorganizing all available time for quilting time to get this one finished so it can be loved.

As you may recall… my real motivation for two stepping the finish of my honey’s quilt is really so that I can start on Project RJq.  More on that on my Slow Sunday Stitching post tomorrow!

So my goals for the month of June are coming up flowers at the moment… focusing on the positives here! lol

Have a blessed Saturday… come back tomorrow for final shots of THE MAN quilt.. hopefully to have a name soon from my honey!


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