Whooping in a Friday!

Two “stripes” done!  out of 9 to complete total… I am excited!!!

You see I have quilted feathers and swirls over the last 5 months all over this quilt… now time for some itd (in the ditch) stitching so once it is washed all that hard work shows up 🙂  So yes.. I am excited..

Once I finish this itd all over I will do the chain on the outer border.. so look forward to seeing that next Friday I hope…

For now… I am goal setting and goal meeting with a new monthly linky (with giveaway to those that link) that me and my friend Wendy started…

called Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster!  Are you interested in setting and seeing goals met… this linky party is all about making a list, ticking it off and Partying!!!  Your goals don’t have to all quilty but we love eye candy!!  Check out more info and link right HERE!!!  Check out my post then write your own goals and review what you have accomplished this month!  Yipee 🙂  Whoop!!!

This post was written to update my progress and to link specifically to Whooping it up on a Friday at Sarah’s blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict!!



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