Memorial Day & Upcoming Linky Party!!!

Okay so my dd says I overuse my punctuation.. but I love fun exclamation points… so instead of using 4 I used 3 (ha!)… nope … not yelling just EXCITED!!!

Starting this Friday and every on the last weekend of the month we will be hosting a Linky Party!!!

Yay… and better yet this is a joint venture Linky Party… I am linking up with my friend Wendy at Wehago Designs blog here!!!

Don’t you love how I keep using exclamation marks now 🙂

Anyway… you link with me or her and your linked post will show up on BOTH blogs… she is in Australia… I am in the USA in Florida!!!

We want to share out goal setting and goal meeting month by month.

Have you thought of writing a blog post of goals you hope to meet.. and goals you did meet?  Nice to occasionally take a walk down memory lane and see how far your adventures have come.

Now we are quilters… but this can be anything sewing/organizing/home reno/gardening… but keep your post for this blog to goals met, how list making may help… seeing those checks is awesome!!! and hopefully goals met too!

Think about a post for this weekend.. you could include any stitching or housechores you managed to knock out… then start by making a purposeful plan for what you will accomplish the upcoming month.

Okay.. still thinking if this linky party is worth playing in?

I will be offering a giveaway for all that link!  Wendy is offering a giveaway too!!!

So come on back by Friday and in the mean time…

 Make sure you are a follower 🙂

P. S.  Got half of the binding sewn down!!!  Yippee 🙂


4 thoughts on “Memorial Day & Upcoming Linky Party!!!

  1. Shawna

    Oh my gosh! My used an old Morse sewing machine when I was growing up. Forgot all about that old thing until I saw your header. Brings back lots of memories!!! Love how you have her named!!! Thinking of joining your linky party, but not sure how my two blogs would fit in.



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