Tuesday Report!

Reporting for goal met.. this morning whilst chatting with a friend online I finished the 4th block, the cornerstone and started the next feather that needed done…

Now I have marked block #3 on my countdown to binding!  Yipee 🙂

I also have been busy scouring my paper craft room for more things to sell on eBay and cleaned up a bit while I was there… check out this sweet corner…

Much better!  And the cabinet that I craft from is slowly closing and getting empty…

If you are interested in a great deal on a Cricut Expression and Gypsy die cutting machine duo check out this auction 🙂

So that is what we are up to 🙂

How about you?  I am planning a linky at the end of this month that will be a monthly linky featuring posts from each of you sharing what goals you may have set and met.. and goals for the upcoming month related to quilting… I have had good feedback from this idea so plan on more details to come in the next week… you can start planning a post! 

I love linky’s and hope you will play along.. the last Friday of each month through the weekend is the plan…


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Report!

  1. Jill

    Another small goal met on man quilt. That's how it'll get done. I think there will be a good interest on the goal meeting for quilters. However, it may be difficult for myself during the summer months. Good on your auctions. I need to part with some of my things. Lol.


  2. Deb A

    I'm going to try and get my double size log cabin machine quilted on my little Viking machine this month. Wish me lots of luck – the last time I tried FMQ it did not work well. This one is all pinned and ready to go… and is holding up my pins so it needs to get done. Thanks for the linky party… we'll see how I do!



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