What makes you smile?

Project planning… New Fabric Alert!  Doesn’t that make every quilter smile???

I got these cute charm packs by Riley Blake in Red/White and Navy/White… each has 28 charms in it… so I have plenty to make something like Jenny’s quilt like this…

I think mine will be a bit different but I want to applique on it “Welcome” and use it by the front door.. that is what is NEXT!   But what about now???

I am loving my Slow Sunday Stitching and plan to link this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching linky here

I started with a goal of completing this area (2 blocks, 3 feathers, and 1 cornerstone)…

Here I have done one feather and the spine of the one beside the blue block to stabilize that area… now I have marked the block and have started quilting it at about 9 o’clock on a clock working counterclockwise works best for me… I am ambidextrous 😉

Now this week was not a quilty week for me after all.. I started this out strong on Monday, Tuesday I got these cuties in the mail!

They are personalized cotton twill labels that won’t ravel and I can sew into the binding of my quilts!  Don’t you love them!  There are lots of choices… I found them in this Etsy shop 🙂  The cost was $13.00 plus shipping to me… and I think it comes with 20!  I designed all of what they say and you pick and icon from appropriate quilty pics to add… I just went with the hearts 🙂

My honey got an order for a dog this week so all else stopped (thus I quilted Monday! lol) and he made a pup to ship 🙂  I love their eyes the and ears so much!

My honey took pics and organized stuff I removed from my craft room to sell…

Using a camera that he loves and the Picnic white polka dot backing as his canvas to take pics on…

And look how they came out… We have listed 127 things right now… lol  These are just our 2 faves of the moment! 🙂

 Finally yesterday… after various errands and more time listing things to sell… I got back to quilting.. and have finally found a stopping place to share with you all!

Tah Dah!  Yep.. didn’t meet my goal but if I hadn’t had that goal… I wouldn’t have done this much I bet as busy as the week was! lol  But I got 1 block done.. 2 feathers… and 1 cornerstone done…

My hope is to have the remainder done by Wednesday.. but I have more stuff to list on eBay! lol  Yep… my papercrafting room is past and before the stuff I have loses value I need to sell it!

In closing I would like to share some of what has helped me make it through a very busy week with unmet goals… looking at this beauty in one corner of the yard…

 And looking at this bougainvillea leaning into the daisies really rocks my mornings 🙂

Have a blessed week and thanks for taking time to read my thoughts and share in my busy week! lol


6 thoughts on “What makes you smile?

  1. Jill

    Sewing in a decluttered area makes me smile. Sorting and organizing that stuff today. Love your featherweight which I assume is listed on ebay? You are making steady progress on man quilt.



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