Blessed Easter Sunday All ~ Progress Report!

Hope you are slow stitching some on this Blessed Easter Sunday!  I went to the beach this morning at sunrise!

My honey got up early with me this morning and we headed to the beach for a 7 am sunrise 🙂

It was so glorious… it was also cool, and VERY breezy.. check out the blowing sand…  this is looking each way as we walked on the beach!
But the sunrise, although it was overcast… still shined through!
                              The waves were busy but not ferocious today.. and we went while the tide was about midway… I love seeing the birds on the water’s edge… God provides us so much natural beauty to enjoy!  
We are very blessed for sure!
Now that we have enjoyed Daytona Beach USA… I bet you want to know more about my progress on THE MAN quilt… I had set a goal mid week of having a post ready to go with my latest duo complete… and here is block #7 and feather #8 in my countdown to completion of this part of the quilting.
Tah Dah!
Now to get off those pencil marks on the feather… the chalk I used on the swirly block you can see is virtually gone already!
First I lay out the feather to remove the markings from…

 Then spray on the magic stuff that has virtually no odor and leaves no stiffness in the fabric afterward!…

See the bubbles it makes when you spray it on the pencil markings??

 Then I wipe it down scrubbing it really … with a soft dry cloth.  And Whallah!

If you want to get some of this Marking Pencil Removal solution try the great prices at my friend Debbie’s shop on Ebay here!  I am not paid to advertise her shop… I simply think she rocks customer service and has great prices.. lol!
So for my finale…once I complete 6 swirly blocks.. 7 fun feathers.. and 2 yin yang cornerstones… I will machine bind the binding to the front of the quilt THEN do the quilting of the chain that is the outer border of this quilt… that way my lines stay even to the binding and all looks nice… THEN I will add the label my honey hasn’t seen yet… and sew down the binding to the back by hand!  Whew!  That is still a lot of steps.. but there is light at the end cuz I could list all that needed to be done in 1 paragraph! lol
So how do you plan to spend your Easter.. Do you celebrate at all?  Would love to hear your traditions of the season or just how you plan to spend this day of this year!
Linking this post and my awesome goal met to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts here!  
And with Karen at Sew Many Ways linky party here!

6 thoughts on “Blessed Easter Sunday All ~ Progress Report!

  1. Kymberly

    Happy Easter. I like that idea of doing the binding first and then quilting the outer border. I'll have to keep that in mind for the next quilt I do with borders.


  2. Deb A

    Beautiful photo's and congrats on meeting your goals! All those little stitches sure do add up. Normally I host Easter but this year we headed to my MIL's for a egg hunt for the kids and a ham late lunch. The kids had their first egg hunt the Easter Bunny left them first thing this morning. One lone egg was found at dinner tonight =). I wonder how many more will pop up this week? Hope you had a wonderful Easter.



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