1940s Kenmore Sewing Machine ~ For Sale :)

Regular readers of my blog… this is for advertisement only … no need to comment unless interested 🙂

For your consideration I have a great find for you.. a vintage antique 1940’s Kenmore Sewing Machine in it’s ORIGINAL cabinet!  Model 117-552…

This awesome sewing machine by Kenmore is a workhorse straight stitch machine with reverse…

It has a black crinkle finish which was popular in the late 40’s and early 50’s.  Also known in Singer world as a “godzilla” finish.  Basically it is a matte finish on purpose that was super durable and still is!!!

You can see minor chipping on the crinkle finish of the light…

but this machine has been completely and professionally serviced.. the cabinet has been redone with beautiful black shiny metal hinges and the gunstock stain on the white oak cabinet just makes it all shine naturally…

All closed up it measures 23 1/2″ wide x 17 1/2″ deep x 30″ tall.

Check out the beautiful cabinetry that happens with vintage antique items… love that craftsmanship for sure!

There are also a host of attachments that go with this Kenmore as well as the original manual describing how to oil and thread the machine as well as how to use the attachments it comes with!

This machine is threaded and will be threaded for pick up.  I used a dark blue thread on top and a light pink thread on the bottom to test out the final tension settings and ALL IS PERFECT as you can see in these close ups 🙂

Care for this machine will only require adding a bottle of Singer sewing machine oil to your stash for use about every 8 hours of use of the machine is recommended for optimum use.  This machine has lots of work still left to do so get this beautiful cabinet with the hidden gem of a machine inside and buy USA!

Kenmore was being made by White Manufacturing at this time… this machine was made in Ohio, USA.

I love the sewing caddy on the inside of the door and the knee pedal operation.. gives you a feel as you sew experience that you miss with a foot pedal that most machines come with these days.

The cord folds up inside the cabinet body for a sleek cabinet when closed and as I said earlier… a real workhorse of a machine when open and used… open the top measures 47 inches long!!!

Thanks for your time and consideration of this great sewing machine.

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in picking this up at the email listed below.

Have a blessed day.


5 thoughts on “1940s Kenmore Sewing Machine ~ For Sale :)

  1. Dustin

    I would love to know how much you sold this for, if you did. I've been trying to figure out the value of mine, but can't seem to find anything concrete online. Thanks!


  2. Unknown

    I have the same exact one and even the cabinet is identical. It was my mother's and she barely used it. I love it, but it wants to keep on running by itself-love it anyway.



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