Easter 2014 Giveaway!

Check out the lucky WinnerS

Anyone up for a giveaway for the season we are entering?  

Easter is not far off.. it is a time to remember the sacrifices given for our eternal lives.  That said… now let me sacrifice some faves from my unused stash…

Please pin/share this giveaway pic 🙂  Kathi

~ close up of the giveaway goods ~

The rules are simple…

1.  Leave a comment telling me what part of your craft you enjoy most… that is an entry!
2.  Leave a comment that you are a follower and how you follow… that is an entry!!
3.  Share my pic of the giveaway at the top of this post on some social media outlet like Pinterest or Facebook… that is an entry… just make sure and leave a comment to tell me!!!

Thanks!  And for those that like to remain anonymous.. leave an email addy or message me your addy if you win so I can notify you… if I choose you and I can’t contact you I will go pick another winner until I can contact the lucky one!  Thanks again 🙂

P. S.  Available for worldwide shipping but may not make it overseas by Easter!


93 thoughts on “Easter 2014 Giveaway!

  1. CraftyHourMom

    I love sewing. My biggest sewing project to date was my wedding dress, in 2006. Since then I've gotten more into quilting, but still garments for my little daughter Abigail and myself too. Cheers!


  2. Anonymous

    I like choosing fabric and whether it is for a pattern I already have or one I am imagining. I also like the quilting aspect. I quilt by hand. I find it relaxing.


  3. Julie in GA

    My favorite part is planning a new project. I love playing with design ideas and pulling fabric possibilities. Sometimes that's as far as it goes, sometimes I make a block or two and decide against continuing, and sometimes I see my idea all the way through to become a new quilt.


  4. Moira

    Thanks for the giveaway of the great goodies! My favorite part is designing new quilts and quilt blocks. I've had several published and it's always a thrill for me when that happens.


  5. GranChris

    I like making quilts and sewing crafts. I am not fond of the quilting part just the piecing part. The crafts are just a welcome break from the usual quilting. I enjoy picking new patterns, finding fabric, then sewing away. The whole process is fun for me.


  6. Anonymous

    I love the planning, the design, the picking of colors and fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win a critical ruler (the numbers are so faded on mine lol). VermontPines at aol dot com


  7. charlotte

    I love the planning and getting the fabrics together. That's the best part. Then if I could only wave my wand and have it done so I could move on to the next project. Too many projects, too little time.



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