Getting jiggy on the downhill slide!

My work on THE MAN quilt nets me a 76% completion now… and this and the chain around the border are all that are left to hand quilt…

Yep… I have 10 blocks… 4 cornerstones… and the chain border to finish.. then bind and wash!  Yippee!!!!

So my plan is to start with these 2 top rows that are left in the middle and work my way out 🙂

THEN I want to bind it BEFORE doing the chain in the outer border so I know the quilting lines up right with the binding 🙂

Then we found this beautiful but dirty girl here locally…

She is a Singer 128 (not sure which specific model in that class yet) I have named ONYX for now 🙂
             Blackside (for all her metal is black not silver)… 
             Crinkle finish also known as a Godzilla finish. 
A crinkle finish was only done on a limited number of machines by Singer…  It has no real sheen to it as we are used to the black shiney finish… she is more a collectors edition because she is RARE!
She was a one owner but has been stored and was soooo thirty for oil… but once my honey oiled her she sewed wonderfully!

Here she is stripped down some and getting all clean and oiled…

Singer sewing machine oil only and these cleaning products used sparingly with LOTS of elbow grease mainly is how we are cleaning this one up 🙂

Do you sew vintage?  What do you use for your vintage cast iron machines to keep them happy and clean to use?

Well… back to quilting!  Have a happy rest of your week!  Thanks for visiting!


5 thoughts on “Getting jiggy on the downhill slide!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    what a wonderful find hope she cleans up well. I'm afraid I am one of those that never name my sewing machines and never quite get why some do 🙂 they are just sewing machines to me – maybe because I am not a sewing machine \”person\” and do so much by hand


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    What a find! I don't bother to look for a vintage machine because my hubby isn't very handy … I fear that the cost of having one professional cleaned and ready to sew would make the cost too prohibitive. Not to mention that I barely have enough room for my Bernina … where in the world would I put another machine? 😉


  3. Jill

    Man Quilt will be done before you know it. May I suggest you stitch (hand or machine) around the outer edges within 1/4 inch. It will make it lay flatter for smoother border quilting and applying binding. I picked up that tip from Kathy of Kathy's Quilts and it worked very well. l've yet to sew on my two vintage Singer's.


  4. Donna M

    Whata great find! I only own one vintage machine. I just spent 4 days of sewing on my featherweight (Singer 221) at a quilt retreat. Sewed close to 40 hrs. I know she is very thirsty by now.But, she sewed like a champ.



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