Happy Quilting Day 2014

Today I want to dedicate my post to my quilting mentor.. Connie 🙂

 She is a wonderful best friend… who became ALL THAT when she taught me to quilt 2 1/2 years ago!

I owe her my sanity today as hand quilting and learning more all the time about how to piece a quilt better :)…. has truly kept me from breaking under large amounts of stress I have overcome thanks to her friendship and Quilting!  Thanks Connie!

With that great feeling of gratitude… I couldn’t help but send her a very special gift… for her birthday! lol  But a bit early!  We actually were both born in July! Ha!

I got her this cool scissor fob… a really nead 3d card I found online… and a needle puller… mostly all to help cheer her on while she works through a hand quilting project that is being a bit “difficult” right now 🙂

Do you shop online?  Etsy is one of my fave hangouts for unique gift items… I have a few things to share!

This is a charm for a Scissor Fob I found for my bestie and me… for our birthdays this year… do you wait for birthdays to give presents or if you find the PERFECT gift do you gift it early?? lol

I love sending gifts to my friends… nothing usually expensive like this wonderful fob was… but thoughtful things…

This is a close up of my scissor fob … the flowers are textured paint that is sealed under a high glass finish and it seems to be some sort of ceramic maybe but sealed all around and just beautiful….

I found this from a wonderful Etsy shop run by Lauren… find a link to her store here 🙂

And here are our fobs in working mode! lol

Aren’t they darling!!!  Makes stitching more fun when it is time to cut the thread 🙂

I also found this cool card I gave her on Etsy… and it is so well finished I wanted to share THAT shop with you too.  Here is a close up of Ann’s work!

This card cost a bit more than the Target cards I special ordered and shared with you here… but I wanted something special… I googled “friendship greeting card” and this came up in images.  Unfortunately they were sold out in the store so I “convo’d” her and she still had 1 in her stash that she parted with for me to give to my bestie… just because 🙂

It doesn’t show well in this close up but the bee’s wings have irridescent glitter on them… the flower, hedgehog , and bee are popped up and on this card very well and professionally done!  LOVE her work and wish I had her skill… Definitely worth the price to me 🙂

When I told her of her coming “gift”… didn’t want her to know it was such an extravagant one! lol… she informed me I had my own coming gift.. Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company is coming to my LQS while Connie will be here to visit… so for my birthday she is paying for us BOTH to go!  Yippee!  Waiting now for Eleanor, our mail lady, to come for her daily stop so I can see what else awaits me… she said I have something else in there!

Well… Tadahhh!

 Look at all the goodies… each wrapped in zip lock baggies for safe shipping… I wondered when it arrived why it was “insured” ! lol  Now I know…

From the right is a card with a beautiful basket of old thread in it (I am the thread nazi…lol  I am crazy specific about what I like and she knows that! lol)  Inside the printed sentiment says…

Awe!!!!  Then beside that is the check she was sending (I made the ressies yesterday!  Me, Connie, and my friend Debbie will be seeing THE Jenny Doan of MSQC fame in April!  Yippee 😀

Next to that was a huge surprise… a gift card for Joann’s with a balance showing MORE than generous amount!  Whoop 🙂

And as much as all those mean to me… the Roxanne large eye sharp needles I will use starting NOW!  I will report back on what I think but I LOVE a large eye’d needle and have wanted to try them… the container is glass with a cool design on it & the lid has a seashell on it.. I love that 😉

Then there are 2 spool doilies… quandary… do I put one up high and one down low on Fiona or split them and give one to Fiona and one to Francis… THAT is what I think I will do…

Finally… the part that really brought tears… the label I will sew onto the back of my honey’s quilt when complete!  Totally LOVE THIS!  My bestie totally rocks my world!

Do you have a best friend… have you dropped them a just because call, card, or gift… maybe a flower delivery after such a long winter???  How do you show those you love that you love them???

Happy Quilting Day and take time today to appreciate someone that mentored you… or that you mentored.  Go back to you roots and find a way to honor those that made you the person you are today… or stand beside you through thick AND thin! Ha 😀

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great quilty weekend ~


5 thoughts on “Happy Quilting Day 2014

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    looks like some nice presents! you will have fun seeing Jenny I bet. I have not really checked out Etsy all that much – I have checked out a few here and there but I am trying to keep my spending down – budget! have to stay in the budget!


  2. Anonymous

    How wonderful for both of you. I love the scissors fob, and can always use another one, because I have a pair of scissors in every project, just so I don't have to go looking for a pair! =) You will have a wonderful time in April. I did have a best friend, and I had flowers delivered to her at odd times, because her husband died, and wasn't there to do that any longer.



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