Love Slow Stitching on a Sunday :)

Happy Sunday!  How do you spend your Sundays ?  Me personally… I spend some time with God… reflect on the week behind… look upon the week ahead…  and SLOW STITCH!

Friday I finally finished the 16th block of the quilt and along with all the feathers and yin yangs I have stitched was able to celebrate 2/3 done on this hand quilting work of art 🙂

Here is the 16th block…

And here is the 17th block marked and just started this morning 🙂

 I am marking this project in the blocks with a “pounce pad” which I am learning to like but it is very different way of marking… works well on mixed darks and mediums like these blocks are though 🙂  And easy to get rid of… DEF not permanent! lol

Have you seen the ad on pinterest and facebook on how to make a swan out of a couple apples??? well my daughter tried it and look how great it turned out!

My honey has been really working hard on stripping, staining and varnishing the Martha Washington cabinet I shared with you earlier this week… it is the cabinet for my new to me 1928 White Rotary electric machine 🙂  She is out of her cabinet during the reno but she sews sooo nice… and I already have an upcoming project I plan to use her for too… she is yet unnamed 🙂

Stripped and stained already but yet to be varnished… we are using a matte finish for her and that is currently in process… above Daisy had to get in the shot… and below is a better shot of JUST the Martha Washington cabinet 🙂

Isn’t it lovely already???  I am sooo excited to sew on her and to get her named! lol

Do you name your sewing machines??? I never had one with a named cabinet before but it relates to the style of the cabinet… and when I show her off she even has it engraved on brass in the right side cabinet door!

More excitement… even though payday is close and fund are tight… we found this on our local Craigslist for $30!!  It is a vanity and will go in our main bath…

 The cabinet needs some work but my honey is really enjoying refinishing furniture and this piece is sooo HEAVY!  We used a dolly and my honey and the guy we bought it from loaded it… it looked easy so as I went to help unload…  my honey laughed at my attempt to help!  The dolly was more helpful I think! lol  Anyway close up of some of the wear on this piece that will have to be fixed before we make room for it in the bathroom…

I love the curves and the carvings… I had wanted something dark wood, with feet and a vanilla top… this has it all and for $30! WOW!  The top needs some attention too but my honey is already researching that… for now it will stay in the garage out of the weather 🙂

Do you slow stitch and wonder how to keep that thread dust free while stitching??? Does that happen to you?  I found a drop of something on my spool so I came up with a way to keep it fresh and clean during the long slow stitching process on larger quilts … check it out at Celebrate Hand Quilting blog here 🙂

Hope your Sunday is a happy one!

Linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday ~ and I don’t use frixion pen at this time so no review to add to her post 🙂


7 thoughts on “Love Slow Stitching on a Sunday :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wow! What awesome finds! I would love a bathroom vanity like that!! Unfortunately my hubby isn't nearly as handy as your honey … not that I love him any less, mind you. But I know his limitations (and thankfully he does, too). I can't wait to see what you all do with that vanity. Keep working at that rate, and you will have that Man Quilt done before much longer! What's next on your quilting agenda? (I assume you're like me and always thinking at least one project ahead – ha!)


  2. Anonymous

    Love the apple your daughter made! The Martha Washington cabinet is looking beautiful. Your DH is doing an outstanding job. I'm so jealous of the bathroom piece. That will be gorgeous when he finishes.



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