Boxes arrived!

About a week ago we ordered boxes to start shipping my honey’s handiwork.  They came in EARLY!!!  Now we are live on Ebay finally!  Yippee 🙂  We are pondering an Etsy store but want to grow first on Ebay and “work out” any kinks (like coming up with a nice letter to put in each box about that products history and how to clean and use it….)

I have finalized my quilty girl here…

Isn’t she cute… and much better than “Hand Quilting Rocks” I think 🙂

And finally my honey’s productions with my computer designed ads finished up for ebay like this…

Can be found on Ebay for purchase in the USA here.

And the Doxie bowl set…

Can be found on Ebay for purchase in the USA here.

Now I will get back to my fave thing… hand stitching… THE MAN quilt is 50% complete on the blocks and over 70% done on the feathers giving me about a 60% finish on the whole quilt!  Yippee 🙂

Hope you have a blessed day and order some nice homemade goodies if you like!  My honey loves to make them and makes them to order 🙂


2 thoughts on “Boxes arrived!

  1. Jill

    Love the quilty girl. Yes, she is improved over the previous. Mancave signs are great as are dog food bowls. Best wishes with ebay and maybe etsy in the future.



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