Over 40% done now :)

As I work on THE MAN quilt.. my honey is nearby watching and waiting for washing time… that is still a while away… so I try to enjoy the journey as I go!

I am now 11 blocks in out of 30 to complete… and 35 feathers out of 49 complete… brings me to over 40% now!  Yippee!!!!

I am sooo excited and yet there is still so much to do before I get to my honey’s longing for the washing time! lol

While I have been stitching out in my Florida room I have had heat close by as we have had a bout of cooler weather… lots of rain (I know Southern Cali and Australia need rain too) but after several days of cloudy skies and nothing but rain and drizzling rain… I am glad today to see the sun shining bright in the sky…

Don’t think we trade in our flip flops though just because it gets cool! lol

We bundle up some but we love our little heater to keep our flip flop feet and our sweet Daisy warm and toasty! lol

She is a lover of warmth our sweet Daisy is… she is so funny about getting cold but when we try to dress her she goes crazy to get out of anything but her collar! lol
And look at this cool vanity we SCORED on Craigslist for $20… yes it is in rough shape but it is the perfect place for me to store my fabric and my honey is restoring it in his own way with love and caring!  I am mega excited to see how this turns out… it is birdseye maple veneer and from England… we can’t date it yet but we think it may be from the 1920’s to 1940’s… dovetail joints and plywood substrate are helping us approximate it’s age but so cool to have this piece once my honey has finished the rehab… lots of love he has planned!

Back to stitching for me.  Hope you have a blessed Sunday wherever you are!

Linking with Kathy Quilts… Slow Stitching Sunday here 🙂


5 thoughts on “Over 40% done now :)

  1. Deb A

    Yes, a wee bit chilly and drizzly this past week. Very nice to see that bright ball in the sky today. I need to clean up my florida room so I can sit out there a bit and enjoy some slow stitching time this week. Your honey's quilt is coming along nicely. He is lucky to have you make that for him. I always love when I walk in my bedroom and see the quilt I made mine laying on the bed knowing he cuddled under it for a nap.


  2. Quilter Kathy

    What a fantastic piece of furniture! I love that you are making something with your hands for him, while he is making something with his hands for you! I can't even imagine wearing bare feet until at least June!! LOLThanks for linking up and sharing your project at Slow Sunday Stitching!


  3. Daytona Damsel

    Yes, I was so excited to see the sun! Can't wait to see your dresser finished. I had a bird's eye maple dresser for years. When I was refinishing it the mirror fell and broke. I found it was lined with a Jacksonville, Florida newspaper from the 1920s. I wish my hubby's quilt was coming along as quickly as yours. Been a busy week.


  4. Pat

    What an amazing vanity – incredible lines!! I can remember the odor of furniture stripper – used to love refinishing things. We found an English buffet (1920's or so) when we lived in Savannah. It still had the Port of Entry sticker on it from Liverpool. $25 it cost. Wonderful walnut when I started cleaning it up. Have fun with all your redo's and thanks for stopping by to visit earlier!!



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