Happy Sunday Progress Report :)

December 23, 2013 I started hand quilting this quilt… so just over a month and I am over 30% complete!  How awesome is that for such intricate stitching!  THE MAN quilt is taking all of my quilting knowledge and putting it together… I am loving all that I am learning with this project!

Here is the 8th block I am working on now…

With a close up of the stitching on the lower half of the block… swirly blocks I call them 🙂

In real life the pattern shows up well.. but here is the pattern I started with… 
this is just how it ends until I pat off the remaining powder 🙂  See the powder how it disappears as you stitch??? I have had to adapt my way of stitching to touch the fabric less!!!  But now I understand this powder better and I am learning to stitch carefully… 🙂  
So how do I get 30% done if I have 8 blocks done out of 30? lol
Yep, that is 25% with the blocks overall… but I have finished lots of the feathers in the sashings already!  71% complete on those babies!                   
My thought was it would stabilize the curves I needed to quilt into the blocks and so far my idea is working perfect…. I lay out the block to be marked and remove the safety pin basting then.  I pat the whole block all over to equalize the 3 layers and have them lay nice and flat.  Then I mark about half the quilting and jump right in… sometimes I have to re-mark 1/3 way through… sometimes I get that whole half done before marking the rest of the block… 
 The feathers were simply marked prior to sandwiching with graphite… I have a fabric eraser to help remove residue there before washing! lol
My style of handquilting is without a hoop or frame and no thimble either.  I sometimes use electrical tape on sore fingertips but  I do use Udder Cream I found at Walgreens on my fiingertips before bedtime each night… and I awake refreshed and ready for more stitches the next day. 

You see no one told me to ever use a hoop when I started doing handwork as a young child… I have a hoop for quilting now… and I think for the right design I may use it one day… but for now I am working on my stitches and I am loving them and my tension is good… that is the problem many run into not using a hoop is poor tension… too loose or too tight can ruin a project… except for the love you stitched in 🙂

While I have been slow stitching my honey sold a chihuahua dog bowl that looked like this…

The recipient who commissioned it said it looked just like hers… she is painting it gray herself 🙂  And she chose a navy blue bowl for her little boy 🙂

Linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here

Have a blessed Sunday…


3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday Progress Report :)

  1. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    Your making real progress, I can't imagine quilting the way you do. Personally, I have to have a hoop, since I create tension by pushing up from under the quilt. But, then you would probably say the same thing about my method. You must really be enjoying it to make such progress. I still learn a lot with every quilt I make!


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wow, you're coming right along on that Man Quilt!! I can't imagine quilting without a hoop or without a thimble. Like Carla, I create tension from pushing up under the quilt … and it helps me ensure that I don't pull my stitches too tight when pushing the needle through. My first handwork projects were all embroidery which is normally done using a hoop … I progressed to crewel work which also uses a hoop. I then advanced to counted cross stitching and just continued to use a hoop. So it was a no brainer for me to start quilting with a hoop. 😉 But as we all know, there is no right nor wrong way … there's only what works for each individual quilter, right? 😉



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