The Mancave…

My honey has been so busy in his mancave (aka the garage) and finally he took time yesterday to arrange it some… he has been doing this slowly… but it looks fabulous already … so consider this a prequel of sorts with more updates in the future 🙂

close up

Here is the close up of what I wanted to show you… didn’t he do a cool job of incorporating a cool clock he made a while back from a saw blade (top left of the pic) with a sign I got him and he framed and customized… then there is the vw bug we used as a towel holder a couple years ago and an old saw… below the clock is a car Brandi made for a school project that won a prize, Rick’s new mancave sign he is hawking.. and one of his fave RC helicopters 🙂

Now from a bit further away..

long view… from the door into the garage 🙂

The old toolbox was free on Craigslist many moons ago and we rehabed it into a good working box with a custom built base 🙂  The table to the left of that was a work desk my honey built but it was too skinny to be practical for his wood working… so he made it a place to hold add and heavy tools like a vice and a drill press and a grinder!  Yippee!  In the foreground check out his super handy scroll saw!

All that is left on the rear wall that is of any care to you is this.. all special artwork and it will find a way to be presented that honors each gift from someone special to my honey!

The top one says Raymer (our realtor had it made that sold our house in Murfreesboro…) that is his last name
The middle one says Mancave (m daughter got him that for Father’s Day last year
The bottom saw is the inspiration behind the saw he made and was a gift from my bestie Connie at his birthday last year! 

This area is def not complete… this is the wall opposite the first wall I showed you and is missing a tv for news… we are still searching for the right one!  He is kinda picky! lol

Suffice it to say… he loves Lincoln Logs and board games… the cabinets aren’t very full yet so the magnetic door catches work nicely keeping anything in there looking neat and organized and below is my honey’s $10 sound system… another Craigslist adventure 🙂  It works really well and it helped a lady!

See the Santa at the bottom… we got him a couple years ago to replace one we had when we lived in Lafayette and it burned in the fire… my honey bartered it at a yard sale for me and I love it… he always shows up somewhere and it is nice to have a nice memory of the home I never really got to say goodbye to with me here in Florida … so far away from that time 🙂

Today the weather is wonderful… mid 70’s with a light breeze and moderate humidity… very nice… all the windows are open and the house is airing out from the cold days prior… here is Daisy yesterday when it never hit 60! lol

She is huddling in the warmth of the fan heater we use out here in our Florida room when it is closed up due to cold! lol

My honey on a rare moment with the sun shining and he let me snap a pic…
I promised him I wouldn’t share on facebook! lol  But I am sharing it here instead! lol

As for my quilting… going amazingly well….

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on right now…

Back to swirls… I missed them when I had to return to feathers for a bit… but I will finish those feathers soon!  Update on the quilt and the plan comes in tomorrow’s post!

Until then!  Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for touring our mancave!  I love it!  Does your mate have their own space… do you have a fave spot in the house??? I love to sit out in the Florida room year round morning to night!  I have 2 water fountains.. can hear birds and squirrels and my puppies playing.  What is your fave spot like???


2 thoughts on “The Mancave…

  1. Jill

    Your honey is talented and clever. Love the man cave saw sign. He will enjoy an organized workspace. Our temperature made it to the high 30s today in our part of Michigan. Feels like a heat wave. Lol!


  2. Anonymous

    Great stuff in this post. How wonderful to have such a talented guy. I love the craigs list usage. My son haunts that place for things people are throwing out that he can scrap! I know that a lot of guys would love that mancave saw he's making. Just have to get it out there where people find out about it! Wives and mothers and sisters need to know it's there so they can get it for Father's Day or birthdays or other days. If only I had someone to give it to, I'd snap one up. Maybe when my son gets his own place (and out of my space!) I'll present him with one. =)



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