Slow Stitching Sunday!

What a week this has been… are you ready to greet 2014???  I have updated my blog cover with some fave pics that get taken over the Season… sometimes the only time I can get a pic of my grown kids! lol…

Today is about slow stitching… how I plan to spend New Years too!  Slow stitching… this project will keep me busy for at least 2 more months… you see I am hand stitching a queen sized throw for my honey… we call it THE MAN quilt right now..  here it is in flimsy state…

And now I am 6 feathers and 4 cornerstones quilted in here…

I am using Aurifil 28/2 Mako cotton thread in a steel gray and my stitches really show off… my honey likes that 🙂  The back is nice and smooth… and the pins are stabilizing the yet to be quilted blocks.

I am 12% finished with this part of the quilting… still to do when that is finished in a month or so are the blocks and finally the border… 🙂

Slow stitching is my fave part… but there are many parts to quilting.. what is your fave part???

Have a blessed slow stitching Sunday… and my honey is gonna enjoy the FREE score we found on Craigslist while I am slow stitching!

A van full of plywood… about 8 full sheets and several long pieces then some fatter pieces.. just lots to create and build with… maybe new kitchen cabinets??? We shall see!

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Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday here

Have a blessed Sunday!


12 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    You are the Queen of Craigslist! Of course it helps to have a handy honey. ;-)My favorite part of quilting is the quilting … slow and steady, needle in and out of the fabric, watching the patterns take shape … what's not to love about that? ;-)Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2014!


  2. genie

    I can tell you what my least favorite part is and is the cutting gout of the little pieces. I always mix up 1 1/2 and 1 1/4 and the likes. I am such a dufus at times. I love your quilting and you are a strong gal to be quilting in a darer thread. you are doing a beautiful job and I really like the pattern. Immediately saw the John Deere corner blocks. We live out in the boonies and all we see are green JD tractors. Great haul from Craig’s List. Can’t wait to hear and see what your husband creates. Happy New Year. genie


  3. Quilter Kathy

    I love the quilting in your sashing! Love love love! I would like to try a design like that… is it hard? Is it a stencil or are you freehanding?Thanks so much for being a regular contributor to Slow Sunday Stitching!Happy 2014!


  4. Design Originals by KC

    Genie.. funny you say how difficult it is to get your measurements right before you cut… this quilt was supposed to be a completely different pattern… but ended up being this pattern instead because I cut wrong and read the pattern wrong… so I winged it! lol Kathi



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