Marking a quilt top…

Do you mark your quilt pattern before or after you layer your quilt… I do both! lol

At least on this quilt I will mark this feather I bought a template for on the sashings…

So I got my Fons & Porter graphite pencil (you could use a regular #2 mechanical pencil that is 0.7 or 0.9 though :)) and marked one to check it out…

Points on both ends was my preference and less “frilly”…

So here is how I did it…

Here is a horizontal sashing I marked first with just the template… except when I came to that frilly end on the right of the photo I turned the template and fit in the pointed end from the opposite end of the template 🙂  Whalahhh!  A Design Original by KC creation now 🙂  Have you ever altered templates to your own design???

 Now I prefer to fill in the design.. makes me feel like I can draw and I like the continuous line when I am stitching it by hand… so I fill in the “dots” 🙂  THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO plan your quilting path too!  Trace the way you will quilt to find the most efficient way to stitch it once sandwiched 🙂

Filling in the dots…
Ta dah!

How do you mark intricate patterns on darker fabric… ???  The graphite only shows in daylight well.. so not sure what I am gonna mark the blocks with as they are all midtones and hard to find a contrasting color… we shall see!  Suggestions welcome 🙂

Here is what I have on the one block I have marked so far…

That is supposed to be the geckos above but you can’t really see it on the fabric… this is marked with white ceramic and soapstone with graphite over it too… not sure how to mark this now…  So I will do the feathery swirls in the sashings and stabilize each block then do the blocks I think 🙂

One thing I recommend and is a bit pricey but worth it for marking is a sandpaper board like this one…

Makes marking lightly and getting great results that are easily erased easy peasy!!!  Worth a thought for a Christmas gift if you find yourself in need of some ideas 🙂  I got mine through Overstock here!

Hope you have a happy Saturday and look forward to your feedback if you have any suggestions 🙂


3 thoughts on “Marking a quilt top…

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I love your stencil. I have a couple of questions: why graphite over the white on the darker print? Was the white not visible? I have a Sewline marking pencil and multiple colors of leads – black, white, pink, yellow, green and blue. I've never had any trouble with not being able to see my markings. And can you explain more about that sanding block? Anything that helps me mark lightly but still visibly sounds like something I need to invest in. ;-)Hope you are able to get to some quilting today … That's what I'm getting ready to do right now. Have a fabulous Saturday!!!


  2. Donna M

    Do you remember those lap desks that have a soft, pillow-like bottom and a hard top for a desk? I had an old one and glued a large sheet of fine grade sandpaper to it. Works like a charm for a sandboard. Nice tutorial.



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