Piecing THE MAN quilt :)

I started making the blocks for this quilt (which my honey received the “parts” for on his birthday in July!) on December 1 and today I have the top partially pieced together and completely cut out 🙂  YIPEE!

He is sooo excited but is delaying naming it until I am quilting it… so for now it is THE MAN quilt! lol

I decided while I was making the blocks… 5 across and 6 down… that I would add sashing and cornerstones to this project.  I really liked THIS youtube vid to help me through understanding how easiest and accurately to be able to do this as I have never sewn sashing or added cornerstones.

So I started by fussy cutting 42 cornerstones 🙂

I marked them on my “pattern” with blue highlighter as I counted them to make sure I didn’t miss any… lol!  The cornerstone fabric is fabric my honey really wanted in this quilt but I had cut it wrong and replaced it with another fabric … now they have found a home forever in his quilt 😀

Anyway, I knew I had to fussy cut to a 3 1/2″ square for my pattern.  I added painters tape around the edged of my 6″ square ruler to easily outline where I was to “fussy cut”

I like to use it with the blue tape down to nestle next to the fabric and make sure I have an accurate squared edge where I have cut before I make those final 2 cuts 🙂  Works great!

After watching the vid I tried her way of measuring larger amounts of fabric (for the sashing)… using my O’Lipfa ruler… the label on it looks like this

It snuggles up to the edge of your cutting board for a T with just a bent under edge… I think I found mine at Overstock for cheap!  I have had it a while…  This is what it looks like measuring her way…

You can see here how I use my small ruler to measure the width to be cut and the O’Lipfa ruler to provide the long straign edge… hold in place well and cut with your rotary trimmer 🙂

Now my pattern looks like this…

 And all my fabric cut and ready for sewing is here…

And my honey decided the final layout of the squares and the cornerstones would look like this!

Now to learn how to sew it all together into a quilt top… more on my adventures in piecing coming soon!

Whilst I have been working on his quilt… my honey has been decorating our house for Christmas.. have you started decorating… do you decorate at all… are you done and enjoying the season????

Would love to know what YOU are up to this week wherever you are and whatever festivities you may have planned!
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2 thoughts on “Piecing THE MAN quilt :)

  1. Wendy

    Your quilt top is coming together beautifully! Thanks for the link to that video tutorial – will definitely check it out when the mood strikes me to add sashing/cornerstones. I think it should just stay named the Man Quilt!


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    That quilt is going to be so striking! Are you getting any ideas on how to quilt it?Our tree, Christmas village and nativity set are up. I need to finish the rest of the decorating, but to be honest, I'd really rather spend my free time quilting! 😉



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