Happy Thanksgiving my Bloggy Family ~

Today on facebook I posted this as my holiday greeting to my close friends/family…

 I am mainly on facebook to interact with the Celebrate Hand Quilting page here and another page I will talk more about later.  I do also play wwf but most of my “friends” are fam and friends back in TN…

But the ones I share my faves and highs and lows is you!  You see I also use this as a journal as I have memory issues… so you get to find more out about me that other blogs so I can keep up with what happened and when just by reviewing posts… lol!  Love you all btw 🙂

So I continue to hand quilt on the second table topper…

Can you see that there are 2 diamonds in the center?

and an over view

And I have gotten it bound… machined to one side and hand sewn to the back… my daughter helped with this!  Very fun 🙂

Then we went on a Craigslist adventure and came home with this!

 It is a beautiful Morse 600 machine made in the 1940’s to 1960’s (still researching it.. may take a while)… got her on a local craigslist for $15!!!  She is HEAVY and all metal and very shiny and sews like a dream… straight stitch only.

This brings me to my latest facebook group called Vintage Sewing Machines… links to all of these will be at the end to make it easier for us both 🙂

I do like to play WWF on facebook… so if you play that and feel competitive look me up!  I keep that leaderboard busy but always looking for new competition 🙂

If you want to see me in my home environment the place I enjoy most on fb is Patchwork Friends… just close quilty friends… some I know.. some I am related to.. and some I have never met .. yet! lol  It is small and quaint and we chat ALL things quilty there.

So to make this easy… here are links to the 3 closed groups I belong to that I would love to see you in sometime if quilting and sewing is your thing..

Celebrate Hand Quilting ~ 1500+ members ~ very active group HERE by Caron Mosey
Vintage Sewing Machines ~ 2000+ members ~ very active group HERE by Starlee Simmons

Patchwork Friends ~ less than 100 members ~ moderate active group but where I feel most at home… HERE by me 🙂
Hope to see you if you don’t already belong to one of these if they fit your lifestyle 🙂  If not check out what boards suite your interests… tell me what you found.. and take a minute to be thankful…
For your Life!  
Have a very blessed day today and forever… be good to you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving my Bloggy Family ~

  1. Unknown

    I haven't seen that brand before but it looks nice and sturdy. Hope your day was pleasant and you enjoyed your feast. I joined Celebrate Hand Quilting the other day. Love seeing the quilts others are making.



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