Christmas is coming early around here!

As I prepare for Christmas on a limited income I think about how blessed I am that I have found really great deals on things I need but REALLY wanttruth be told.

The antique quilt top is a great example…

it is a nice larger size without being a full queen sized bed quilt… it is made entirely of old plaids and feed sacks… I lucked out and got a great deal!  It has vibrant colors and a patina of an old quilt and dates about 1940’s.  This has been on my bucket list since I realized they existed!!!

I got all cotton batting on sale for $15.00 for this quilt!  Now to find a nice muslin for the back n binding 🙂  That will be a future budgeted item… you see we live on a pretty tight budget…

But one more thing did make the budget because it was such an awesome deal and under $15.00 so it was a no brainer to me… this great book!

 I got it as damaged but new on Amazon for less than half price including shipping!

because of this ding!

So I have been looking for things I want for cheap and just happened to get 2 this month… next month I doubt I will get anything as my next project is paid for, collected and waiting for me to start it! 🙂

Do you budget what you spend on your craft?  Any tricks you can share with the rest of us??? Would love tips on how to be a more savvy shopper 🙂  Just don’t ask me to use a coupon that isn’t on my iPhone! lol



3 thoughts on “Christmas is coming early around here!

  1. Joanie's Trendy Quilts

    Great bargain on the Jenny Beyer book. Her quilts are so amazing!! Pretty antique quilt. As for budgeting for my craft I limit each month based on what disposable income I have. It can vary month to month. Also I opened up My Etsy Shop. I can still craft and hopefully what I sell will pay for some of my crating expenses. Watch for JoAnn Fabric coupons. Get online at least once a week. They offer coupons. I love Kona Cotton – $7.99 a yard they were offering a 60% coupon so that was $3.20 a yard. Hancock Fabrics too have great sales. I still shop at my local quilt store.


  2. Jill

    Your antique top is fabulous! It is pretty as it is. Keep watching for sales. Just be sure to get decent quality. Sometimes less expensive can be more costly in the end. I have Jenny Beyer's book which was a birthday gift. Yours was a wise purchase. Sometimes when we budget for our crafts, it is good as less is more. A person can only buy what they can make. Everything else is excess.



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