Sister Hammock Quilt COMPLETE!

This wonderful quilt was pieced over 4th of July week 2013.  Read more about my quilting adventures that week here.  Suffice it to say I ended up with this quilt that we pin basted together before my besties visit came to an end!…

Then it sat in line waiting for me to have time to quilt it… hers also waiting but as summer waned she started hers and soon I had to start mine too!  They are sister quilts aren’t they! lol

My formal quilting started September 9 and I completed all the quilting November 3, 2013… so just under 2 months to hand quilt this baby!

The back is fun too… I added a zig zag across the upper middle of the back horizontally… you can see it on the hammock from the back here.

This quilt used bamboo & cotton mix batting that is super soft and shrinks like all cotton but was easy to quilt through as it is thin but drapes beautifully after it is washed (I just finished before this one… a quilt with the same batting the washing made ALL the difference!).

I hand quilted 3 lines diagonally on the colored fabrics in perle cotton white at the center line with 40 wt YLI white hand quilting thread on either side and used my John James needles (I like size 8 betweens :))

Then in the rombuses (the slanted rectangles I made bowties and also quilted the triangles to bring out their bowtie-ness!  I used the 40 wt YLI thread for this quilting… In the above pic you can see where I signed my name to the bottom corner of the quilt 🙂

But I wasn’t happy with how it felt where I had done all this quilting so I added more to the slanted one side and squared other side colored fabrics with a geometric zig zag like this…

Pretty cool all together… and those extra 240 zig zags made the difference for this quilt… It was worth the extra couple weeks going back over the whole quilt to add this quilting… now it is soft snuggly and ready for us to use… on the hammock or in the house 🙂

Okay… now the truth… I wrote all the above while it was being washed and dried… twice!!!

I washed it the first time on cold gentle and dried lightly in the dryer.  The second time however, I washed it on warm and used heat to dry!  Wow is it lovely now 😀 and sooooo soft!!!  I did use color catchers in both washes/dries but there wasn’t much color absorbed… and the white stayed nice n bright!  Check out this photo montage 🙂

 with my signature and last but not least the year completed!

From the back….

 The back is Hoffman fabrics white with white polkadots!  They wrinkled differently and gave the back a pebbly appearance… super cozy too!

This is a quilt for general use but mainly for our hammock out back… so pics there were needed before I could post this! hehe 🙂

Another cool fact about this quilt… my bestie finished and washed hers THE SAME DAY I did!  Isn’t that cool… so they were made together and “birthed” together and each are being loved by us!  Love that 🙂

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Have a blessed November… more on what we have been up to otherwise coming very soon!



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