Hand quilting and enjoying the beauty around me :)

As I hand quilt I sit in my screened in porch and enjoy my back yard… I have shared it and have had positive feedback… let’s see how things are looking now 🙂

 The wandering jew are really growing in this wagon… here is a look from the other side too!

And the one that started with bits from the trash is THRIVING!

Even the one that didn’t want to grow is doing well with wet feet and plenty of sun since we moved it to the post 🙂

 that is our Carolina Jasmine finally taking off at the bottom and winding it’s way up the post… much fuller than my pics 2 weeks ago for sure!

The aloe that we moved to a corner of the yard to let it run and play is blooming again 🙂

our big cactus corner…

a view from the side

the blooms are dripping nectar!

Their true colors 🙂

 As for the smaller cacti… they are flourishing in their newfound space.  The pot my honey made a couple years ago for me 🙂  I weeded them this past weekend…

 And watered them while my honey cleaned the hammock for use VERY soon!

 My honey even made it a place to live when we aren’t using it with a pulley and leftover parts he had in the garage!  Doesn’t it loo nice here 🙂  It is on the side of our storage building safe from falling leaves and more stains to clean! lol

All the while I am working on the quilt we will snuggle under this winter while no bugs are about to take away the enjoyment of the great outdoors 🙂  in our own back yard!

Now I know you come here for crafting more than scenes of my backyard so check out this layer cake (10″ squares precut) that my daughter is gonna use to make her first quilt top out of over Christmas break… I think I am more excited than she is! lol

I am over 60% done with the final quilting design on the quilt on my table… I don’t use a hoop and am soon to finish this so I can start my first hand quilted project!  Yipee!!!  More to come on that!

Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “Hand quilting and enjoying the beauty around me :)

  1. Anonymous

    Love the pictures of the back yard. I thought the wagon held Fall leaves lol and was wondering how you had leaves to rake this early. Cute idea. On quilting without a hoop, where do you quilt? On your lap? or a table? Debbie in Ormond Beach


  2. Design Originals by KC

    I quilt leaning on a table sitting in a rolly chair… very cozy… and at times I also quilt on my lap if the table isn't around when I have the hankering to quilt! lol So glad you replied to my post Debbie… you are a no reply blogger right now so I couldn't comment to you personally. Have a blessed day and thanks for the question! Kathi



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