Decisions…. Decisions :)

So many decisions to make recently… but slowly I am making my way through this quilt and through all the decisions too…. some of the decisions were about this quilt…

Does it need even more quilting when I look at this pic???

And when I look at the back it just doesn’t look quilty enough šŸ™‚Ā  Sooo, at my bestie’s, Connie, urging I set out to design something for this odd space… slanted on one side and straight on the other… hmmm…

So “auditioned a couple here…

The bottom row has 4 zig zag style lines and the top has only 3… but it matches the 3 diagonal lines right next to it!Ā  Instant winner in my book… so when it doubt…. again .. quilt it out šŸ˜€

what the final blocks will all look like šŸ™‚

Next up I got this delicious fabric to learn hand piecing with…

using this pattern šŸ™‚

Now to get up the courage to cut this beautiful fabric and make no major faux paux šŸ™‚ lol

Another decision made was to storm coat the front and back doors with bright white semigloss paint… currently they are a light mushroomy gray color…

Wait until the after shot of this area šŸ™‚Ā  I am exciting at what skill my honey has is working magic šŸ™‚

Got any recent decisions you have made that you would like to share ??? Would love feedback on what you are up to as well!

Have a blessed weekend!



2 thoughts on “Decisions…. Decisions :)

  1. Anonymous

    Decisions: How to quilt the yellow brick road quilt, whether to list my table runners on ebay and whether to try my hand at hand quilting.



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