I have missed my bloggy friends :)

2 1/2 weeks is too long not to blog… in celebration of getting back to blog land I updated my cover 🙂

This is a recent pic of me in a shirt I really like 🙂

The smile took some convincing… to not blog about me and my life for 2 1/2 weeks is a lot!  I have been a two to three time a week blogger for over a year!

One highlight while I was off the grid was that we rescued a turtle from certain danger on the path he was on…

So we watered him up as he was shy and we couldn’t tell if he was okay or not… but look at him!

 We rehomed him to a neighborhood lake where he would be out of harms way!  Yay 🙂

And there is always good therapy to be found nearby at the beach…

I really do love being only 10 minute drive from this 🙂  That is my dd in the water playing!  She has a  blast playing in the waves and I have a blast watching her.

The aloe blooms are gone and no insects came to enjoy them… so soon this aloe will get trimmed and replanted somewhere it can enjoy itself and heal from the rough life it had before we came around.
I haven’t stopped quilting… last week I rounded the 3rd corner on this beauty!

Here is one of my fave fabrics and some close up of my quilting 🙂

I really enjoy hand quilting…

If you enjoy quilting by hand instead of machine you should request entrance to the greatest show on earth… a worldwide group of handquilters are uniting on facebook.  The work I see there encourages me every day and there are answers to so many questions… Celebrate Hand Quilting request for entry as this is a closed group and you have to request entrance by clicking here you can see our header this week and request entrance to this group.  There are almost a thousand quilters right now that are members from all over the world!  It is so fun to show and tell hand quilting… some hand piece but all hand quilt what they show.  Most is much more refined that my quilting… lol!

If you are interested in a smaller low key group of weekend quilters by machine or by hand check out my facebook group called Patchwork Friends here… we have show and tell too but not daily ! lol  But it is a great group for newby and not so new quilters to get together and chat!

Please pray for me to be the decision maker that God and my family need during this time and I will try to write you at least twice a week from now on!

Thanks and have a blessed week!



4 thoughts on “I have missed my bloggy friends :)

  1. Just Me

    Nice header. Love all the pictures. Three generations, you, your mom and your DD. I'm going to have to play around and try to figure out how to do a custom header. I really like yours and you keep changing it. really great.



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