Love that… Update!

It has been a busy week around here… I finally got my Florida drivers license 🙂

And even though my family calls me “crash” (because I have had a few wrecks… not my fault mainly but still) I have a SAFE DRIVER icon on my license now 🙂  Love that!

I got my license because my daughter needed an state ID to fly to Tennessee for a little 2 week vaca.  She got her ID and I got my license… then we prepped her to be away for 2 weeks… her brother doted on her and helped her get her toenails painted…

Such a sweet moment… and this is the ONLY place this pic is gonna be seen so enjoy it!  Her bro is 28 but still is embarrassed that I caught this shot of him painting his sisters nails.. his first time to try it and he ROCKED it!

Then my honey found a STEAL on Craigslist… this great edger for our crazy St. Augustine grass…

for only $40.00!!!  In great gently used condition and normally this style of edger would cost about $200.00 new 🙂  Yahoo!  My honey loves it!  So we got it for him for an early Father’s Day present 🙂  Love that too!

Once my honey had the yard looking spiffy he decided to work in the back yard some more and set up this darling….

water feature on a slate table we have sitting out in the Florida room.. so no water damage to worry over and a great addition to my relaxing space here.  It stands about 2 feet tall and just has the most gently trickle.. LOVE that too!

On the aloe vera front….

It is growing hair like things on the stems to each bloom… see them better on this close up…

It is slowly maturing the blooms and getting ready but we have also had lots of rain in the last few days and that could be slowing down it’s maturity.  Thanks Tropical Storm Andrea!

Elsewhere in the back yard… the wandering jew is growing noticably longer but we aren’t having to groom it to keep the shape… very interesting….

And the mexican petunias are recovering from being replanted…

And this remains my fave area of the back yard blooms right now…

The blooms are an electric lavender color against deep green leaves and the backdrop of the elephant ear is just glorious color combos for me 🙂

When DL isn’t painting Brandi’s nails he is making a header for my Patchwork Friends facebook group!  This is the backdrop … a pic taken by one of the members in her archives of quilts she has made…

then DL is making the name over it with Photoshoppe! Yay 🙂  I don’t understand photoshop… but he does 🙂  LOVE THAT!!!

And finally my fave thing is my progress on the quilt for Pam.  I have 6 pinwheels to quilt then I start quilting butterflies on the white spots created by joining all the squares 🙂  I ordered special hand quilters cotton YLI brand thread and am planning on using some white perle 12 cotton for the butterflies to make them pop a bit off the white areas 🙂  I will show you as I work on them 🙂  Love it all!

Thanks for visiting with me and would love for you to join Patchwork Friends on facebook here!

Have a blessed crafty weekend 🙂  Loving doing that myself!



5 thoughts on “Love that… Update!

  1. belarmina

    felicidades por tu permiso de conducir !!!la imagen de tus hijos (el hermano pintando las uñas a su hermana, es muy muy bonita y cariñosafelicidades para los dos)saludos



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