Patchwork Friends is a GO!

Come join me as we quilt a project.. you pick your project and join “Patchwork Friends” to share your progress as we move along… it will be step by step for those that need it and independent and show off your work for those that already quilt!

Go here for the facebook group Patchwork Friends and request to join!

We will be starting officially around June 1 but you can start anytime you are ready… just share your design in the comment of this blog post for now… letting us know you are ready to quilt!  Also are you hand or machine piecing… what colors are you looking at…  you can describe it all!  This will be so fun!!!

So here is an example…
I go by Kathi and I am making a quilt for my bff… it is bright sunshiny colors on white background with a batik backing fabric when I get to that point.  The design will be pinwheels and a small border to make it about 68″ x 72″ when finished.  So far I have all the supplies I need for this project and am anxious to start designing the squares and the quilt top itself. 

See!  Easy… so take some time and plan it out… this will remain at the top of my blog until you join my “Patchwork Friends” facebook group!

Thanks for reading… hope you decide to participate!  Kathi


10 thoughts on “Patchwork Friends is a GO!

  1. Kymberly

    I'm going to be making a memorial quilt in honor of my puppy who was put to sleep this spring. It's going to be a low volume quilt (mostly whites and tans)with rainbow paw prints appliqued on top. The background blocks will be machine pieced. My quilt guild is doing a workshop on hand applique this fall where I'll learn how to do the paw prints and then I'll quilt it by hand. I'm having trouble finding the link to the facebook group. Could you post it here?


  2. Design Originals by KC

    I added it to the post for all that are interested to use… already some great seasoned quilters have joined to help us out as we learn new things and watch vids and share our work together via fb! Yay! Kathi


  3. Marie Anne

    I'm new at following blogs, but not new at quilting. This summer, I hope to finish hand quilting a quilt for my SIL and make three for a friend's grand children. I'm sure ill get interested and try out what you are doing here. So, for now I have to be patient and wait…till June 1st.



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