Cool 3D Altered Project with Lots of pics :)

Today I have such a treat for you!  

Yesterday I got my papercrafting jive on with my bff (best freakin friend) Pammy and made this!

I enlarged the pic… it is an 8″ x 8″ box about 2 or 3″ deep Pammy found on clearance at michaels…

We prepared items during the week and got together at her house on Friday for a fun day of crafting… 5 hours later I left with THIS!  Isn’t it awesome 🙂  It is for my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary coming up later in June but I wanted to share this with you today because I am so happy with it… 

Let me take you on a tour 🙂

Starting in the left lower corner… check out the depth on this cute altered box…

and the hidden butterflies on lower levels 🙂  Love these 🙂  And I also love all the whimsy with all the different colors that go together so well…

Check out the pearls tied in this the rolled paper and ties with a gromet… very cool!

In the lower right corner is more fun stuff…

Like this fussy cut bird and sitting on a rolled flower with a pearl for it’s center… the flower is almost covered but still peeking out adding LOADS of layers to this corner of the frame.. and that crocheted flower had a pearl center I removed for this more antique jeweled center 🙂  Don’t iss the baby dragonfly brad 🙂

In the upper right corner is my fave part… a butterfly with a 50 stamped in it.  Pammy made this with Martha Stewart clay and a mold of the butterfly then used a rubber stamp for the numbers… I colored in the numbers to show off the 50 a bit around the white and we layered it and whalaah!

Another cool part of this is the fern leaf we added… Pammy made these cute fern with leaves out of cardboard and mod podge and paint!  Isn’t it a fun addition!  I also love the pops of light blue around it! 

Then the upper right corner… the dove is flying across the frame here…

And I love the “Our Life” charm below the cluster of flowers… and the whimsical pink butterfly because I had added the pop of hot pink for the bird to sit on 🙂

So how did we do it???

 We started with a focus pic, the box, scraps of paper from one line… and lots of imagination!
Here was the table when I first got there…

with some of the embellishments for me to choose from…

and a box with fun stuff to get me started 🙂

And then the beginning was born!

I wanted my parents pic to be circular but Pammy thought if we cut the hole in the paper instead of cutting the pic it would look better… I think she is right!  What do you think???

The curled paper is done by wetting the paper lighting and curling it around something and letting it dry or drying it with a heat gun.  doesn’t it give a nice effect 🙂

Next we added mulberry paper ripped into little pieces to the outside and inside edges of the box…

I didn’t take a pic of this step but you can see it really well above and the paper and box below 🙂

Next … while that was drying I cut a template from cardboard the size of the base and started designing…

And adding…

Then when the box was dry enough we started layering it from the bottom up in the box…

We used pieces of corrugated cardboard between paper layers to show off the layers better and give us more height!

To get this unembellished design… then we embellished to give the final effect… Take a look again 🙂

I just hope they like it as much as I had fun making it….

Now back to quilting 🙂

Half done on quilting the pinwheels… then I will add butterflies to the white spaces on the middle of the quilt 🙂

My beautiful daughter and an aloe update too!

Can you believe it is taller than her and she is almost 15 now… this is her on one of her last days of school… 🙂

Have a blessed weekend and hope you enjoyed this post!



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