A quilting I will go!

The quilt top and back were waiting to be sandwiched….

And I was giddy with all that I accomplished in such a short period of time 🙂
I just started cutting this quilt out May 16!!!  So 10 days to go from this…

to this…

This is my 5th quilted project… first I made a pillow top.  But this is the first one I pieced on my own when points needed to match and such so it really mattered more… and no… all my points don’t match but it is a wonderful quilt top 🙂

Isn’t the clothes line delightful for displaying the quilt top!  I want my honey to install one on our fence 🙂  It makes it look like stained glass like this though 🙂

So I figured with all the time and zeal for this quilting thing I have why not open a fb page for those interested but intimidated by quilting and a place experienced quilters could go to share ideas and Yahoo moments … or find a shoulder to cry on like I did the other day when I sewed a seam wrong… for a long way!!! lol  I can laugh now but I was crying then!  So come visit me at Patchwork Friends here!

Patchwork Friends was created as an invite or request only so it is closed and not everyone will want our quilt chatter on their newsfeed… not to have anything rude or risque involved… just quilty friends looking for others to chat with in a safe environment.

I had my quilting friend Denise embroider my name and the year on this quilt… it is for my very best friend of over 20 years 🙂  Pamela actually chose the design and the fabrics with my guidance… but she is artsy so not much really 🙂

Denise is embroidering my signature on the quilt top 🙂

Didn’t that turn out nice???

I weeded all the strings and stabilizer off… I had already practiced on other things first… tip here is not to use the point of your scissors… you can easily cut your quilt top removing the stabilizer too close on the back.

So I sandwiched next… the backing I sewed with a center seam instead of 2 side seams because it was such a busy batik fabric.  AND…. I was ready to get to the quilting! lol

I officially took my first stitch in a hoop that a great person sent to me in another facebook group I am a part of… so sweet of her… but for this part of the quilt I need to quilt hoopless it seems… so I am .. and it is soooo wonderful to have the needle in the fabric again… with yet a new design!

So if you have made it though this quilt story how about a pic of the aloe vera bloom 😀

Have a blessed Memorial Day.. my honey is a veteran and I plan to spoil him like crazy … like I do every day! 🙂



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