Celebrate Hand Quilting Blog Hop

Hi! I am Kathi and I am a hand quilting addict… I only do the other parts of quilting to get to the hand quilting 🙂 

Welcome to my blog… I love to blog about quilting, crafts, and home renovation projects we do here and there… we recently moved to Florida from Tennessee and love the relocation… it has bloomed my creative spirit…

This is a sneak peek at the fourth quilted project I have done… this one is overall design by my daughter Brandi who is almost 15 years old… it was then graphically designed by Keely… Connie’s art major daughter, machine pieced by Connie (a very accomplished quilter who loves to piece quilts but not quilt them!!!), and quilted and bound by ME!

Hand quilting is by far my favorite part of quilting… I even enjoy hand sewing the back binding in place over machine 🙂  For this quilt I quilted with black thread in the ditch with my fave John James 8 needle and used white around and in the dolphins.  Then I stitched waves across each row with swells and waves with perle 12 light grey DMC thread and a between needle for the larger eye 🙂

My friend Connie that did the quilt top used interfacing applique to get the great shape on the dolphins and then stitched it to the quilt top so with the 2 layers there the black and green shouldn’t show through after washing 🙂  She plans to share her exact technique with me when she visits in a few weeks!

So finally a show of the whole quilt waiting to be bound…

The final measurements await but it is about 60″ x 64″…

And here is the signature block that is on it’s way in the mail to me now from Connie!

The names are kind of like a bracelet Connie said and the hand is mine made a little smaller to show the wording!

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!  Binding has begun

Now take a look at this beauty!

This aloe vera was at our home when we bought it this past December sitting in a corner outside and looking sad… we repotted it in a pot my honey had made for me the previous year and added some cactus soil… then after some tlc it has started to bloom!

The bloom or blooms in this case can be yellow, orange, or red and attract hummingbirds… doing research online we found out only happy and more mature aloe vera’s bloom.  This one ooks like it will be orange but we shall see… This plant sits right outside my blogging area … so I watch it every day and smile 🙂  Hope it smells nice when it blooms! lol

Finally, let me show you something unique my honey made… read more about it here… but check this out!  Great father’s day gift idea… made from clockworks and an old saw blade that wasn’t usable anymore 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this blog hop… now keep on going and see what other hand sewn goodness you can find.  Also you can find ME here and my facebook page “Patchwork Friends” here that is for all kinds of quilters!  Just request an invite so our projects aren’t public 🙂  In June we are having a quilt party!  Come join the fun!

Have a blessed day!



14 thoughts on “Celebrate Hand Quilting Blog Hop

  1. Anonymous

    Amazing dolphin quilt…and to think that it is hand quilted. Been hand quilting for a while now, and am still amazed that other people do the same thing!


  2. Kymberly

    I love the label you made for the quilt. Everything looks so wonderful. (I had no idea aloe vera plants could bloom. I hope you post pics once it's flowers are out.)


  3. Quayceetatter

    Nice job on the dolphin quilt and like the hand quilted waves!! We played with the dolphins every time we went out in our boat in Ketchikan, Alaska.There would be 6 in front and 6 or more on each side. Neat. Interesting clock.


  4. Little Penpen

    A post full of fun!! Love your dolphin quilt and your hubby's clock! I pinned your quilt label to Pinterest, as I am always looking for quilt label ideas. This is one of my favorites!!


  5. Deborah Hamilton

    Your quilt is fantastic! I started quilting a little over a year ago, and I have hand quilted three wall hangings and just finished a full size quilt. I love it! Like you, I even like to sew the binding down by hand. I have only used cross hatch design, but now I want to learn some more hand quilting techniques.


  6. Anonymous

    Great label! Love the bracelet idea for multiple names! Cool clock, too. I might need to steal that idea for the hubs studio! And I can't imagine why anyone would machine sew down a binding :/ LOL!



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