May is a lively month so far in Florida!

We have had lots of rain to start the month out… but yesterday and today… cool and warm and beautiful… low in the 60’s and highs in the low 80’s!  So what did I do but break out the camera when the wildlife in the yard came to life… like sweet Daisy Mae sunning herself!

 I watched squirrels playing in the old oak tree we have and birds chirping and windchimes softly blowing… just so blessed!

Here is a pic of our back yard from the right side of the house… the flowers in the center of the pic are purple wildflowers called mexican petunias …

we salvaged them when we moved in and transplanted them into the sun

where they seem very happy!

This is a wandering jew that loves the partial sun it gets here on the corner of the back porch 🙂
And this is what we thought was wandering jew and later found out it was actually purple queen!

It puts out little light purple flowers all over that are gorgeous in the mornings 🙂

And this beauty adorns the hanger beside the door going into the back porch… or as we call them “florida rooms”.   It is a mix of 3 plants that seem to take turns blooming but we just picked it up at Lowe’s last year  🙂

This is our nursery… the daisy hasn’t been thriving anywhere we put it and seems happiest in the nursery where we are bringing more plants from cuttings to life!

But what we really love are our cactii!

These guys were all small ones when we got them… now they fit the pot they are in and we are talking about transplanting them around other places!

And the real show stopper is what we put in the big pot next to the grill that my honey made me birthdays ago now….

A HUMONGOUS ale vera… it was quietly sitting in a corner when we moved in and when we took it out of its rootbound pot it seemed to wilt a bit… but it is recovering quite nicely and even has a bloom shooting out of the top… check it out!

 It just shot up one day looking like this above… but slowly it is multiplying the clumps of blooms to be and is evolving into a very interesting bloom 🙂

See that last pic how the bloom buds are spreading out and beginning to prepare for opening!  So cool how nature works.  This is supposed to be a rare occurance of a happy aloe and the bloom will be yellow, orange, or red… not sure if the soil ph decides or the specific type of aloe vera decides… but it attracts hummingbirds!  Yay 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed a mini tour of the back yard I am enjoying as I type.

Have a blessed day!  Happy crafting!



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