Family Times :)

Last weekend my brother and his family came into town and stayed with my mom and dad… well you know this warrants a “get together” and we did!

My brother Gary and his wife Nikki

My niece Madison and my parents dog Jackson

Family shot of just us kids with mom n dad…

My mom n dad with Jackson ~ their bishon poodle mix puppy

Silly moments

My brother and his whole little clan 🙂

 After enjoying visiting with family I came home to find my aloe very had a wierd extra arm growing out of it!

 See it?  I called my mom… master gardener and longtime plant lover and she had never heard of such… so I looked on google and sure enough mature aloes may rarely bloom…

The bloom should be red, orange, or yellow depending on the soil and weather but it will attract hummingbirds!!!  Yay!

Meanwhile… I am working on the quilt … still handquilting the blocks and about 3/4 done… and my honey is still working on the bathroom… check out this little preview of a shelf he built into a space a medicine cabinet had been!

Hope you enjoyed this little catch up post… have a blessed weekend!



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