Happy 2 years to us! Cheers :)

This week my honey and I celebrated 2 years together.  As you know I am a widow and have been happily living with my honey for yep… 2 years now… we got engaged last Christmas but with all going on since then have yet to set a date… I am hoping for our anniversary next year will be the date! lol

We had a wonderful dinner without kids at a great restaurant in the town we live in.

We enjoyed a wonderful Asian buffet…

And a walk in Daytona Beach on the boardwalk!

It was a truly serene and happy day.

Do you celebrate anniversaries?  What is your most fave anniversary memory???  This is mine… for now 🙂

And a quick quilt update… about 2/3 done with the background blocks and working on it most every waking moment I am not busy with other things! lol  Then on to adding waves to the background blocks… then time to bind and then to wash!  Yay 🙂

Have a blessed week! 



3 thoughts on “Happy 2 years to us! Cheers :)

  1. Leah

    Hi Kathi! Just got caught up on your last few posts, the quilt is looking great! I've been dealing with a very severe fibromyalgia flare up so I've been down and out, but today is finally much better. I'd have to say my favorite anniversary memory was in 2006. It was a bit after our actual anniversary day, but after years of waiting and trying to have a family we got on a plane and flew to Ethiopia to pick up our oldest son. Amazing. Hope you are well!



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