God moments….

Have you ever worked on a project and every road block opened as you hit it???  Those for me are God moments… a time God shines through and perseveres in our place!

I had 2 of those so far on this quilt and wanted to share them with you… here they are!

I went on a quest for John James quilting needles in a short size 8 and they had 1 pack left!   Yay 🙂  I couldn’t find the desired size 8 perle cotton thread but they had a size 12 which is a bit smaller and easier to manage.  They said they didn’t have the color I wanted but when I got there and dug around I found the perfect matching color to the embroidery already on the quilt!  Yay 🙂

Finally I went to another store looking for crewel needles in which to stitch this larger thread with … sure enough they had them and for super cheap so I indulged by using a 40% off coupon to get my first quilting mag!  I chose Love of Quilting and the first major article in it is on hand quilting… Super yay!  What a bunch of God moments there…

Finally I went to see my dr and he used his last prescription pad sheet for me… I asked if I could have the cardboard back to make a template for the quilt waves and he said yes!

So now I just have to wait for this sample to be approved and I can cut it out and start adding waves to the quilt once I am done stitching in the ditch.

Tell me about a God moment in your life… I would love to hear about your successes!

My bff Pam had God moments in designing and making these cool 3D canvases….

The one on the left is completely done… and the one on the right is still in the working stages… the one in the middle she wants to add just a bit too… aren’t they priceless works of art for a grandmother to give her daughter of her kids??? I think they ROCK!

Have a blessed day!



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