How to applique… for a quilt :)

A tutorial by contributor Connie Combs… expert quilter.

Decide on your shape you want your applique to look like and cut out a pattern.

We did dophins that looked like this in pattern form…

This is the template they made from my daughter’s request and drawing… but in these fabric colors…

 And here is the quilt base with the miniature dolphin layout and the full sized dolphin cut pieces ….

Colored based on their place in the layout by Connie’s daughter Keely!

Thanks Keely!

She even left Connie directions for assembling to account for all the pieces on the right fabric! lol

So now on to the process of appliqueing…

Place fabric and stabilizer right sides together.

Pin in place and trace around each piece in pencil.  Leave 1/4 in seam allowance around each piece.

Remove the paper pattern and sew all the way around on the drawn line … DO NOT leave an opening. Now they are sewn together right sides facing each other.

 Trim the edges after they have been sewn together to 1/8″.  Then clip curves and corners.   Cut a small slit in the middle of the stabilizer side for turning… no larger.

Use a small crochet hook or knitting needle or something will a dull end to push out the tight corners and other points you may have in your project.  You can poke a hole if you use something sharp!

Next roll the edges out with your finger as Connie is doing above and finger press the fabric and stabilizer at the seams… then press on the ironing board… for stubborn edges Connie’s tip is to use a straight pin GENTLY she says on the right side of the fabric.  Getting all your edges finger pressed then pressed on the ironing board is essential to a good applique project.

The final result is 2 great dolphins… not on the black and green background yet but ready to sew on!

The contrast between them will be amazing!  Can’t wait to get the finished product and get to hand quilting it! 😀

Hope you have enjoy this tutorial.  I will be doing a project myself soon so stay tuned for that !



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