Happy Monday! Planning a give away!!!

After a much needed rainy evening and night it is a gloriously warm and sunny day here in my neck of the woods… or beach as the case is 🙂  What is it like where you live today???

I have a lot of things to share with you and not a lot of pics for this post so here goes.. my daughter has a tumor in her brain.  It needs to come out.  It is not causing her pain and it is not cancer.

We found out quite by accident when a child at her school kicked a ball that hit her head leaving her with a nasty concussion.  After a trip to the emergency room for the requisite tests we found out about the tumor.

We are making this quilt for my daughter to give her strength through the upcoming surgery… if you aren’t sure what I am talking about please take time to read my previous posts… this quilt is my focus in life right now.  As is the love of my family 🙂

I am working on the mini album in my spare time and reading a good book series my daughter got me hooked on.  The author is Lois Lowry and the book she brought home was “The Giver”.  It is about a community in another time and place that is very different from what we know and almost cult like in their beliefs but it was a great talking point book.  That same author wrote 3 more books with similar ideas… different types of cultures foreign to anything we know to truly be in this life but something that could be… for instance in this book I am reading blue is the most rare color because they can’t grow the plant to get the dye for it.  Yet we take the color blue for granted… most of my clothes are blue! lol  The book is shown above and is called “Gathering Blue”… slow start but interesting culture!

Finally I want to let you know I have made over 150 posts and now have 30 followers!  I am sooo excited that people care about what I have to write… 

So once I get through this time with my daughter I want to do a give away tell me what you would be interested in… a gift card give away or a blog candy give away!  Something about scrapbooking, papercrafting, card making, quilting, cross stitching… a kit that is ready for you to try something new??!!  What sounds like a fun giveaway to YOU!

I am honored to have a growing number of followers and want to provide topics you care about.  Thanks for uplifting me with your comments as I do covet them and share each of them with my honey.  I try to respond to each comment thoughtfully.  Thanks for being loyal and as always when I do have the giveaway this summer it will be fantabulous and something you each would enjoy no matter what your passion 🙂

As you can see from all my recent blog posts my likes are all over the board.  This might be a fun time to put together a quilt project that is all inclusive to try something new if you have never hand stitched!  Or maybe you would appreciate some special made cards with your monogram on them or a special bible verse in them 🙂  I have lots of stamps you know!  And don’t forget my Gypsy girl! I just got my gypsy out to work on the mini album then decided to put it all away for a while and it felt good… so back to reading I go… and a doctors visit for my daughter this afternoon.

So think about it and give me feedback.  Also please pray that my daughter remains strong in the face of this adversity.  And that our family will be blessed beyond measure in the coming days as we stand beside her through this 🙂

If you choose to give me an idea you will have an extra name in the hat for yourself.  A prequel of sorts for when the giveaway begins… so leave me a comment HERE!  

Have a blessed day!



6 thoughts on “Happy Monday! Planning a give away!!!

  1. Cathy C

    I read \”The Giver\” also and it is a great book! Sorry for what your daughter is going through. My husband had to have brain surgery for a non cancerous tumor a few years ago. They were able to go through his nostrils and did not even have to cut! He recovered very well. Praying for the same for your sweet daughter! So sweet of you to do a giveaway. I love scrapbook and stamping stuff ! But anything is nice:) Have a great day.


  2. Beth Fairweather

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, my sister in law had a non cancerous brain tumor a couple years ago and had successful surgery for it (it was causing her immense pain and she could not see or hear and was even losing the loss of use in her legs!) A year after surgery she completed her first sky dive to celebrate! So here's to a successful recovery for your daughter, I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers, she is very lucky to have such a creative, caring mom. Lots of hugs,Beth


  3. Leah

    Oh Kathi! I am so sorry about your daughter, but what a blessing to find it now and I am so glad it's not cancerous. I will keep you and her in my prayers. The quilt is looking lovely! Those dolphins are just beautiful. Giveaways are always fun..though I never win *lol* 🙂 I love anything crafty and am always up for trying something new, but stamps and scrapbook stuff are always great! Hugs to you…


  4. kel Acopan

    I am so sorry for this turn of events for your family but it is so good to know it isn't cancerous or hurting her… and it will be better to get it out sooner than later so i'm glad the accident brought about a good (in a way) change.sending you tons of love and hugs.


  5. Nicole

    Kathi I am sorry to hear about your daughter and I know this has to be tough for you too! I am praying that your daughter will have a safe and successful surgery and you and your family will be surrounded with peace!


  6. jordanbev5@yahoo.com

    Kathi, I will be praying for your daughter's doctors and her healing. Praise God that she has been diagnosed!! You are so sweet to think of us, but we are fine! Just remember that there is a loving God that is totally in control!



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