Still in the middle but making progress!

Yep, we are still in the middle of our projects… but we are making progress!!! Yay 🙂

First up is the mini album…

I have officially finished with 3rd video in this series and am gonna work on the pockets next in video 4 here.  Ginger does an excellent tutorial… take 5 minutes watch part of one and you will be hooked!  It is fun and uses your stash up!  Love that!

So far I have used this paper pad that is 12 x 12 that I got at and picked up in the store for free shipping 🙂

And this is my workdesk in the middle of the process…

You can see I have started working on pages.. the punch is what I punched the corners out of the paper with as Ginger instructed where I had used the decorative punch prior on the corners of each top page… the white triangle thing is powder I used on the adhesive that was exposed after I put the pages on the bags… and I have used lots of paper and ATG glue in this process.  But it is sooo much fun!!!

But most of all I have enjoyed this new cutter!  It is a Fiskar’s rotary trimmer!  Yay me 🙂

About Brandi’s quilt progress…

The layout was finally decided and the rows that were sewn together were marked so as not to lose their place 🙂 Connie is a master quilter!!!

Then all the “bricks” were sewn together…

until the background started coming to life…

and then the background was complete!

Next up … Connie and her daughter Keely will design dolphins to applique on top of this base.

In the loo…

Progress is slow but sure.  The work has been very labor AND skill intensive so it has been wearing my honey out… so far he has the room painted in it’s final coat….

and do you notice the trim??? it is whitewashed pine… it is sooo gorgeous… and he isn’t done with it yet! lol

look at the beadboard on the bottom half of the wall and how it meets and flows with the existing tile… and over on the other side of the room is what he wouldn’t want you to see…

all his tools that make this possible! lol

Next up is removing the 2 layers of old original flooring and replacing it with tile… then baseboards and sealing the whitewashed pine.

Oh, for next time I will show you a pic of the toilet seat we bought… it is seashells in clear acrylic and it is HEAVY DUTY! lol

Also next time will be more about the quilt as it should be appliqued or getting appliqued… and more on the book… so come on back and thanks for visiting!

a puzzle I got for Connie and I to work while we quilt this summer!

Have a blessed day!



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