Happy Good Friday!

It is always a good day when you can craft and that is what I am up to today!  I am starting… officially… my first mini album!  I have made one album from scratch and you can see that post here.

This one will be a vertical mini album for my brother and sis in law and their kids when they take their second Disney cruise as a family in February of next year.  I am soooo excited for them so I am making this an interactive memory album for them to complete on and after their cruise!  FUN!!!!  The kids will be 3, 6, 10 and 11.  PERFECT!!!

I have been watching “The Bible” mini series on the History Channel and it has been really good so far… it is amazing to see how barbaric people were back then… and some may say we haven’t come far but I think we have.

Unfortunately not everyone believes in the Holy Trinity or one God for that matter.  Which is sad because theirs will not be the kingdom of heaven to go to when they die if they are good or right or awesome… only if they believe in God.

I found this pic taken by someone on another blog.  Don’t have the link and she isn’t a follower of mine but I loved it and asked permission to share it on fb.  I did that this morning.  Now I want to share it with you…

Be still… and know that I am God.  Love it! 

Thanks Jesus for dying on the cross for all of my sins so that mine could be the kingdom of heaven when I die to this earth!

Have a blessed Easter.  I plan to go find a relaxing spot on the beach and watch the sunrise! 😀



3 thoughts on “Happy Good Friday!

  1. Cathy C

    I have been watching The Bible Series too. I hate for it to end! Best of luck with your mini album. I love making them! Be sure and post pics for us to see!


  2. kel Acopan

    i heard the bible series was pretty good… i'll have to go check it out!! hope you had a great easter… and i would love to see pictures of your mini when you're done!!


  3. Tania

    I haven't watched the series yet; I don't get the station it's on here in Canada. My cousin's recording it for me. I love the last picture. It's so true.



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