A marathon quilt project is COMPLETE!

That is right… the t-shirt quilt I have been making for my oldest is finished just 15 days after starting it!  Yay 🙂

Check it out!

 And the back looks nice too!

I finished up the machine work 2 days ago…. I am smiling because the machine work is done!

 Then time to hand sew the binding in place 🙂

 Then when that was finally done about 7 pm I threw it in the washer and dryer and he slept under it…. it is back in the washer now after having a photo shoot for you guys 😀

Here is a closer look at the 25 blocks that make up this 92″ square quilt…

Each tshirt has special meaning to my son and his life’s course thus far in his 28 years of life.  And this quilt for him would not have been possible without my friend Connie helping and encouraging me all along the way!

But all this would not have been possible without the support of my honey who helped me when my back was out turning the quilt on the machine… and chatted with me endless hours while I sewed and consulted with me on how to add quilting to certain blocks to keep the theme of the quilt more masculine versus my tendency towards girliness… lol!

And when it came to taking the pics who insisted on climbing up the ladder????

My honey!  I love you honey!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed looking at this quilt as much as I did praying over it and making it for my son!

I did all this with basic skills on youtube and lots of support from my family and friends.  Next I am making 2 matching pillow shams and his room is done… but until that time… I have started a new project…

A counted cross stitch to tease you with… it is a very large piece coming in at 11 x 14 that we will have framed once I finish it… I doubt you will be seeing it much though because I need to get back to playing with paper some too!

Have a blessed weekend and thanks for visiting with me.  I love your comments 🙂



9 thoughts on “A marathon quilt project is COMPLETE!

  1. Karen

    It's a great quilt, did you have to stabilise the t-shirt material with anything? I have cut some of my boys baby t-shirts up but the fabrics are so stretchy I'm not sure i could put them through the machine without distoring the shape. :o)


  2. kel Acopan

    OMG that quilt is wonderful and done in 2 weeks?!?! thanks so much for sharing it with us!! I used to do counted cross stitch too but gave it up when my cat decided to shred a precious moments afghan i was making for my son. sooooooo sad. it broke my heart and i never got back to it.


  3. Alicia Joy

    Beautiful, Aunt Kathi! I can't believe you managed to get the whole project done in only 15 days. It would have taken me forever! 😀 Alicia Joyajoyworthhaving.blogspot.com



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